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    I use Huggies Wipes when I change in the morning.
    So, a thought occurred to me - what designs are on your wipes' container?
    I have 3 - plain white, Disney Babies, and a Cars theme.
    I think I saw a Star Wars one at a kids party several years ago.

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    I have the Huggies one and done wipes. I have the Disney Babies on one and the other one has Winnie the Pooh on it. I just got another one at Target it had Tigger on it.

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    I have some pull-ups wipes that have mickey on them.

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    I also have 3. One is blue with snoopy on it; one is a regular huggies wipe case; and another one is white with a pink rotating plastic piece that you rotate to create an opening to take out the wipes, with an engraving of a teddy bear.

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    wipe box with whinny the pooh and tigger.

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    I used to have a target brand baby wipes container that was all pink. What's so nice about those, as you can put any brand wipes in there. I thought the target wipes stunk to high heaven, so I would put the Huggies ones in their place.
    I had pink, because most of my babies I took care of it as a mommy were sissy babies.

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    pampers wipes, i think they've got flowers or something

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    I have pampers wipes they dont have any print on them.

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