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Thread: A moment for honoring my friend

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    Exclamation A moment for honoring my friend

    I know it isnt today that he died, but its in a few days and im afraid I wont be on then...
    Dave died on Febuary 23rd 2002... in my arms... A fatal drive-by shooting pierced his lungs and left a scar on my right side, he died a few minutes later...
    <please, no one feel sorry for me.. it was my fault.>
    I decided to take a walk on portage road <leads to the bad side of town>, I decided I would walk with dave to the park, simple, only a few blocks, seemed alright, so me and him start walking, me and him where wearing identical blue tees, a color of a rival gang... if only I knew...
    A few minutes later we arrived in the park, only to have a white cadalac deville drive by and fire at us... stupid racist swine...
    Dave had been on my right side, I was walking by the grass, a bullet flew through him and just sliced across my ribs... I had no idea what happened until Dave had fallen over onto me... gasping for air like a fish out of water, the bullet had probabley punctured his diapram <the thingy that makes you breath> because he didnt seem to be breathing, his cold body knocked me over, his dying corpse in my arms...
    It had only been 5 years since that day, and 5 years before that day we were in the field by my old trailer <lived in a trailer park back in the day>, A drifter or someone <dunno, crazy ****er> was walking through the park, I thought nothing of this, so me and Dave continued playing in the field, the only thing I remember was a sharp pain in my gut... Dave had ran back to my trailer and alerted my mother I was hurt... smart kid.... miss him everyday...
    I have decided when I get the money, I will have his name tatoo'd onto my back, he always had my back, and I tried to save his... and I failed...
    will you ever forgive me Dave?
    today the guitar I remembered him always playing was broken in half.. im going to have it repaired soon...

    A lil' about dave

    Dave was a friend of mine I had known since kindergarten, he was both urinal and fecal incontinent, I felt bad for him so I started wearing when I went around his house, that is a big reason why im DL, its not just afetish to me, its a life style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakethefox View Post
    I have decided when I get the money, I will have his name tatoo'd onto my back
    That sounds like a great way to remeber him, I think Dave would be proud of you.

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    I feel sorry for your loss.

    However, I strongly advise against getting any kind of tattoo.

    I know this may seem nuts, but you need to let go of your friend and get on with your life.
    I'm not saying you should forget him. I'm just saying you would be better off if you diddn't let the sorrow hold you back.
    Getting his name tattooed on your body is unwise, because it will mean you never let him go, and thus probably spend the rest of your life beating yourself up over something that isn't your fault.

    And it isn't your fault. It really isn't. You're 15 now. Five years ago you would have been 10.
    How the heck were you meant to know all about gang t-shirt colors when you were 10 years old?

    Stop beating yourself up over this. It isn't your fault.

    If he were here now, he would say the same thing to you as I am saying now : it isn't your fault, I'm in a better place... you can let go of me and get on with your life.

    Take the time to express your feelings. Have a good cry or something IRL. Then, move on and do something else.

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    I find it quite horrible that someone could shoot at two 10 y/o kids for gang rivalry reasons, for how bad that side of the town could possibly be (it's horrible shooting at people in any case, but what happened to you is even worse).

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    You are under so much stress right now... And with guilt and grief on top... All I can do is remind you not to do anything rash or that will have long-term consequences... Like any sort of scarring (decorative or not) - that is - tattoos or self-harm... or running away... Hang in there...

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    Moo and Racoon, you are both right, I need to go on living and stop with the past, its just all the stress im under.. its controlling my mind

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    i have nothing to say. i can't believe that. i don't care if its true or not, i'm not going to believe it. even if i saw it happen i wouldn't believe it. thats awful.

    well, i hope you can get rid of your stress, because i wouldn't be able to in your situation.

    enjoy what your friend has done for you, and honor him forever, thats all i have to say.

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    I have to agree, no tattoo.

    I am so sorry with your loss. That must have been extremely tough to go through, especially when you were so young. Just keep his memory alive, but don't let it control your life. You have to find a medium of the two.

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    This is insane. How could anyone do that?! I left this topic and came back tonight.... hoping it wasn't real... but here it is. I don't understand it. At that age.... that's just too young to be any sort of threat to a gang. I really hope that the person who did this evil thing got what he had coming to him eventually. This is almost making me cry...

    So.... Never forget your friend, but don't let it control your life. It might be hard, but do your best. A tattoo may not be a good idea, but I'm sure you can find some other way to honor him if you really want to do so.

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    I am truely sorry for your loss Jake. Although it is not your fault, not in the least bit, you were only 10 years old!!! Thats that part I have a hard time beleiving. Just like qauttrus said "someone can shoot two 10 year old kids of gan rivalry reasons." I mean even if they thought you were apart of a gang, I do not even think they noticed you were 10, they probably just smoked a blunt already drunk and just saw blue so they went crazy basically. Thats how I am interpretting it, because if they did know you all were about 10, well then that is just plain sick.

    Please do your best to try and move on. I suggest getting some therapy, you really need it. Also remember it really is not your fault, Dave knows that you did everything you could at 10 years old to save him. Be grateful you are alive and that he was such a loyal friend.

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