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    Default Big diaper?

    So I got a sample pack of ATN tranquility x-l and they are huge! How to where them? Or can I at all I would say I'm a large

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    Cutting off 2-3" of the front wings on each side might help, though the tapes may still overshoot the landing zones that provide the best coverage

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    Hi are they the wrap round type if so and too big round legs fold them in a layer and fasten with something like gaffer tape so can size them to you.

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    try using them as a second diaper. while wearing double diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr4diapers View Post
    try using them as a second diaper. while wearing double diapers.
    What he said. have fun with cloth diapering underneath. Or get something that does fit, wear it underneath but inside out (some sort of adult pullup works). Inside out is so an absorbent layer is adjacent to an absorbant layer... Then flood so Noah himself would blush!!

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