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    Hehe tomb raider legend name.

    So first and foremost I'm a dl, but I'm also a HUGE gamer.
    * so I lived in virginia until I was 13, then I moved to south Georgia, at 16 I moved backed to virginia (petersburg), then I moved back down to georgia to be with my dad, my parents split up while I was 16.
    * I have been a DL ever since I can remember, but only recently told my mom and started to sort of "indulge" but Its weird because its my darkest secret
    * I'm 18, and a guy lol


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    Welcome to the forum, what kind of games do you like ?

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    Uhhhh anything pretty much, cod, Bf, halo, assassins creed, but most of all dark souls

    And I'm like the BIGGEST NARUTO FAN!- BELIEVE IT!!!!

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    Hi there
    Welcome to the community. You have made the first big step with your Mum!

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    The Stones sang

    I stuck around st. petersburg
    When I saw it was a time for a change
    Another lifelong dl comin atcha You are now among friends, others just like you. Really. Really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellhieme
    Hello, and welcome.

    hmm the odds of this are probably same as pointing a pin lasser at the moon and NASA thinking it's an alien invation, but. where you ever in boyscouts with first name starting with M and last name starting with R (my reason for asking is I knew a person who was into games that whent down to georgia or flordia can't remembor wich, to live with there dad then whent back to virginia.) I would look up to see if timeline is correct before asking but I'm feelling lazy and have nothing to lose so thought i'd just ask.

    but eather way welcome to adisc. //forgive my bad spelling.

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    No my name doesn't start with those but strangely enough I was a boy scout lol

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