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Thread: I feel like a freak!

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    Default I feel like a freak!

    I told my mom about a week ago, that I'm a dl, she said that its fine, so today I got my sample of ATN tranquilitys and she asked what it was and I was so embaressed. I know shes cool with it but I still feel awful

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    You aren't a freak. I think it already took a lot of courage to tell her, and she's trying to be accepting. So many people have the same urges you do, and it's okay. Human beings are complex and beautiful creatures, and our desires are just as complicated. You can't help feeling what you are feeling, and as long as you aren't hurting anyone or doing anything wrong then you really don't have to be ashamed. Just try to have fun and not be so harsh about yourself. I mean, if you saw someone bullying another person for being a DL, you would get upset at them right? So don't be your own bully! ^_^

    Also, welcome to ADISC! You should post a introduction thread if you feel comfortable doing so!

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    It's understandable that you'd feel bad about it, but you should feel lucky that your mother accepts your interest. Remember that it's a harmless quirk, and a lot better than a lot of other habits. Also, I see you're new here. You might want to head over to the Greetings forum and post and introduction so we can get to know you better.

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    Shame and loneliness is a major factor of having a fetish or kink. At first you feel disgusted with yourself and sometimes you just want it all to stop but you know you cannot.

    Try not to worry, if your mum has not freaked out you are probably safe. Good on you for being honest with your family, it may give you someone to talk to about it while you make friends who are into these things. The best thing to do is stop worrying, most people have their little kinks and secrets, you are not alone and you are definitely not a freak.

    Things will get easier and you will start accepting yourself and understanding yourself more and more as time goes on. Try not to rush, take your time and find your feet. Use websites like this to get support and to help you feel included into a community. If you ever need to know how wonderful you are just read through many of the great and supportive topics here, you will soon realise you are a great person who is different and interesting. You are starting a journey and have many wonderful experiences ahead of you, embrace it, or leave it alone. Just make sure everything is on your terms and there is no pressure on your decisions.

    Good luck!

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    Why on earth should you feel freakish? The fact that you are here tells me that you understand that you are no alone in this desire, and even your mother did not seem to think anything was particularly wrong with it. I mean, on the grand scale of Possible Responses To the Statement "Hey, Mom, I'm Into Diapers," the sentence "It's fine" hardly moves the meter. You have one ultracool mom, kiddo! So why are you beating yourself up? Enjoy what you want to enjoy. She's letting you explore this side of yourself, so do it. There is honestly nothing to feel awful about. As a mom myself, I suspect that she is relieved that what you are into is so utterly benign.

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    Thanks everyone I really appreciate it and ill be sure to do a indroduction

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    Hi there
    You are not a freak there is nothing wrong with the desire to wear a diaper. If you feel the need just go for it and embrace, if you try to suppress your feelings they will not go away as I found out. You have made the first big step by telling your Mum good for you.

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    You are just like the rest of us! I have been where you are and it sure wasn't a walk in the park for me to accept myself. I't took me my whole life (19 years I guess minus the part I was actually in diapers but you get the picture) to tell my mom. She had the same reaction of being accepting, but also still confused by the whole bit. I'm glad you could join us and I welcome you with open arm, however I would like to get to know you better so an introduction to yourself would be awesome! Again you are not a freak, but a member of a family that is a lot larger then you could imagine

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    This was a big problem for me for years. I found balance and acceptance... just by telling myself, and for that matter having others tell me, that I am *not* a freak. And neither are you. You like a specific kind of underwear. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

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