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Thread: Goodnites as Stuffers

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    Question Goodnites as Stuffers

    I currently use pampers size 6 cruisers as stuffers for my bambino diapers. The pampers work wonders, the hold a lot for a baby diaper.

    But I was wondering if goodnites (boys or girls no preference) would work better than pampers as stuffers since they are intended for older kids.

    Has anyone used goodnites as stuffers?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not in my opinion. Goodnites typically don't wick as well and aren't as absorbent as Pampers, hence why some parents of bedwetting children opt to keep their children in diapers instead of using, Pampers are cheaper.

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    Yes I use good nights as stuffers and they work really good when I say good I mean really good so give em a shot hehe

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    Good nites work well as stuffers. TIP: Peel off the cloth-like layer and make some small punctures on the plastic layer beneath it for best results.

    I also double up goodnites since when I use a single one they inevitably leak. In that case I do the above but instead of stuffing a diaper I stuff another goodnite.

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