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Thread: Caught for sure.

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    Default Caught for sure.

    I was in my bed trying to fall asleep when one of my roommates walked in to return something he had borrowed. I didn't say anything at first because I thought he was going to borrow one of my xbox controllers or something but then he walked over to my dresser and pulled opened the first drawer which is where I just happen to have an Abena M4 there. He only pulled open the drawer slightly but there's no way he didn't see it. I asked him if I could help him with something and said he was returning what he had borrowed and thought it went in that drawer. :/ I hope he just forgets the whole thing.

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    Even if he did see it, he might be taking a "I won't mention it or embarrass him about it." mindset. He might think you need it for medical reasons and not want to make things awkward. He might not have really recognized it at what it is. Generally, if he doesn't mention it I think you are in the clear. It must be so nerve wracking though, try to take some deep breaths and relax yourself. ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadeYouDerp View Post
    Thanks, I'm still a little shaken up about it.
    Totally understand, I would be in the same situation. I just hope you can relax soon, just for your sake. No one deserves to be all panicked and worried, even if they have every reason to be.

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    No need to worry. If he didnt say anything in that moment he either A) didn't notice, or B) is respectful enough not to inquire. And if he does bring it up, just be honest and truthful. People love it when you own what you are whether its a fetish or a lifestyle or a medical condition.

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    I'd file this under "don't ask, don't tell".
    Or more like "not being mentioned - not make an issue".

    IF he's seen it and IF he has indeed recognized the diaper for what it is and hasn't mentioned it to you - keep it that way.

    Also I say if he just quickly opened the drawer, you'd be amazed at how "blind" most people are even if you put stuff right in front of their eyes.
    And he certainly didn't expect to find diapers - so I guess there's a good chance for the diaper to have been ignored.

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    If it is mentioned, just laugh it off as a joke you had with a mate when you were both pissed. I went to college in the UK and me and my mates would always have jokes going on. Just say you found them on a night out and wanted to use it as a prank or something.

    There is nothing that cannot be solved with a white lie - 'I dunno, I was pissed.'

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    I seriously doubt he recognized it as a diaper...

    Usually if someone does, they will at least stammer or stumble whial thier brain is processing it...

    People really don't's amazing...I have security cameras on 50' telephone poles on my property...not hidden...and if I mention them for something...99% of the people are like where...even sometimes after I point them out...

    I watch the driveway/road cams for pizza dude and such...especially if playing music in the theater...

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    Yes, if the room was dark, and he was just slipping something into a drawer, he may have not realized what it was. I'm going with don't ask, don't tell. Life goes on.

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    I agree, just don't worry about it, if he saw and never mentioned it, he has the common sense to mind his own business about it and not inquire, but most would never know what it was unless they have seen them before. Not a big deal, and I would not bring it up unless he does, and most likely he won't!
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