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Thread: Nineties Boys' Thread

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    Default Nineties Boys' Thread

    This is a thread particularly for boys who grew up in the 90's. What do you remember? What toys do you wish you still had? What did you do with your friends?

    I like to add an element of that to my age play to personalize it. Like I re-acquired a bunch of the toys I had when I was in elementary school, plus a few I wish I'd had. These are mostly Star Trek and other Sci Fi toys.

    I want to get into model rocketry again. I used to build and fly them in high school, with most of my friends (we also all played the Star Wars Collectable Card Game and watched the original trilogy or the remastered ones when they came out. The internet came at different ages for different people but wasn't adopted quickly at first and for a time most households only had one computer (I remember this being a barrier when I realized my ABDL tendencies). A lot of people still didn't have cell phones. I used to play TIE Fighter and Sim City 2000 on the computer and watch Star Trek The Next Generation obsessively.

    So... everyone, share your memories of being a boy in the 90's.

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    Oh, the eternal shame. I'm a male-to-female transgender and have known and accepted I was a girl since my early teens, but it doesn't change that as much as I try to deny it I was quite the boy in the 90's. Curse my honesty, or maybe I just need to make peace with this part of myself. Still, this is my honest experience as well.. honestly, a boy in the 90's. Age 0-11, since those are the ages I spent in the 90's. Which is a bit younger then the OP, although he in general just seems more intelligent then me.. which is totally awesome.

    The best way for me to get that 'little boy' out of me is to put on the the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme.. to me being a kid in the 90's was all about those dastardly turtles and Sonic the Hedgehog. I had tons of TMNT toys all given with love by my uncle, who had been big on comic books at the time and action figures in the 90's and I thought he was the coolest. I wanted to be just like him, drawing and still enjoying all this awesome stuff. Going to his house was always a treat, he had the best toys and the best video games. Back a home, I would devour my tapes of episodes of both of course Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the goofy Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog TV show while eating sugary cereals and being very picky about almost everything else. I ate like a real stereotypical kid, if it wasn't sugar cereal, hot dogs, mac and cheese, pizza or peanut butter and jelly and Cheetos I wanted nothing to do with it.

    I would spend a ton of time playing video games, and I owned a NES and a Sega Genesis and I was pretty much attached to my controller. My favorite games were Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Kirby's Adventure, and this Tiny Toon Adventures sports game on the Sega Genesis. Which reminds me I also really liked that show. I thought it was way better and way more funny then those old Looney Toons, which felt slow to my Sonic the Hedgehog speed focused mind. I did have a small Might Morphing Power Rangers phase at the time, but it made me too hyper and eventually my mom banned me from watching it.. there might have been broken objects involved. I liked Star Wars and had lots of toys, having a small period of that being my favorite thing ever but it sort of passed for the bigger obsessions after a while. At various times as a kid, I got into tons of sports.. playing basketball and football for my elementary schools and trying hard to get into skateboard when that became a thing again in the later parts of the 90's. My later 90's life was sort of focused on the Playstation and playing games on it like Twisted Metal which I thought was so cool because you could blow the other cars up instead of just racing and Final Fantasy VII which was a game I honestly only tried at the time because my uncle was into it and like I said I wanted to be just like him. I had a childhood crush on this blonde girl named Kelly who I thought was just the perfect mixture of intelligent and pretty, being at the same gifted class I was in. I also was really getting into Pokemon, which was exploding in the final years of the 90's.

    There we go. That's pretty much the best overview I could do. It's kind of liberating to do it too. ^_^
    Last edited by gigglemuffinz; 27-Jan-2014 at 20:54. Reason: Wanted to make it more obvious that I was literally a boy in the 90's, not a tomboy.

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    Well, I may be older than the average "90's boy," but I'll chime in anyway. I graduated from High School in '94... doesn't seem that long ago until I think about everything that's happened since.

    I was a huge gamer as a kid, and can remember lusting after the Super Nintendo and everything to do with it. I had an Amiga 3000 computer (still have it!) and a blazin' fast Supra 2400-baud modem with which I would surf BBSes until the wee hours. I can also recall a very serious talk with my father during which he threatened to take away my allowance if I ever ran his Compuserve bill up over $200 again. Ah, the good ol' days of my childhood geekdom!

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    My family were a tiny bit behind the times during those days, so I didn't really have much of a share of the latest toys etc. The thing I remember most is the ambiance of the time...and the cars that were around then. Does anybody else feel that there's an ambiance to the 90s that you can't really pin down?

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    Well I'm a girl, but I was a bit of a tomboy. Like gigglemuffinz I played Sega Genesis, I still have it, and my mom would take me to my grandmother's house because she had sattelite tv at the time and I'd watch Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog on Toon Disney. My older half brother had a Playstation and would sometimes bring it to the living room from his room and let me play. The family got our first computer and internet in 1999, but after AOL screwed us over somehow we went without internet for a year or so.

    I also remember watching shows like Rugrats, Doug, CatDog, and Rocko's Modern Life. I did get caught up in Pokemon in 1999. I played with toys like baby dolls, Hot Wheels, and Pound Puppies, and had a Cozy Coupe and then a Power Wheels ride-on. I was also big on 101 Dalmatians, though I don't think I saw the original movie until years later and then didn't care for it.

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    Sonic the Hedgehog on Mega Drive/Genesis

    Street Fighter and King of Fighters in the arcade

    Games on CD'S!

    Internet costing 10p a minute - yes a minute.

    Downloading game demos was cool and new.

    Buying my first Pampers and loving the plastic feel.

    Premier League starting and sticker albums.

    Everyone wanting to be a turtle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DexxKizwizard View Post
    Everyone wanting to be a turtle?
    Heroes in a halfshell! Turtle power! Donatello was the best, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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    The '90s were great! Goosebumps anyone? I used to beg for the books whenever I saw a new one and made sure to never miss the show. I also loved the Mighty Max series, the toys were basically Polly Pocket for boys which I've been trying to collect all of and the show was like Sliders with a myth and horror theme. I also have to blame a lot of '90s cartoons for making me the furry that I am. Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks, Biker Mice from Mars, Mighty Ducks, I never had a chance. We also got great series such as Digimon and Pokemon. There's just a ton of great stuff that I still enjoy a lot of to this day.

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    Literally everyone on this site was born in the 90's or before, and everyone that was born before the 90's knows of the 90's. People who were born in the 90's have no hard recollection of them, because they were rather young at the time. This thread seems like it's trying to discuss the 90's as if there are a demographic of people on here who have never experienced them, which is just weird, but whatever. I love the 90's like anyone else. Certainly better than the 00's or, so far, the 2010's.

    However, the best thing that was ever a thing in the 90's is the famous Sears commercial: Sears Air Conditioner Commercial - YouTube

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