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    Question Depends Sample Packaging

    Heya! I'm feeling a little apprehensive about this, so I was wondering if you have any insight to share.

    I'm thinking about ordering one of the Depends sample packs from their website, but I'm a tad disturbed about the packaging. They do say that it's discreet on the order page, but I don't want to trust them without asking around.

    I live in a one-room dorm room with my roommate, and we have an after-dinner ritual of checking the mail... So I need to be sure that if it shows up, the box won't give it away at all, so I can just play it off as some other sample I ordered and put it away until he's at class or something.

    I know there was a thread from 2 years ago about this, but I wasn't sure if it may have changed since then. If you guys have pics of the box, etc. that would help me relax about it a lot.

    This is also the first time I'll be getting diapers so I'm excited about that too.

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    why not just order a bambino sample pack? it comes with 2 bambinos in a plain white USPS plastic envelope coming from TBHC Inc. So there is no worry of being found out unless your roommate is the kind that will open your mail. Its only 8$.

    Idk if the depends sample pack is free.. but honestly, depends is painfully bad.

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    Hi there
    I don't know if this helps however I am in the UK and I recently found the good folk a Tena UK extremely helpful and discreet when I received the package it was even double wrapped. I don't know how US law works however if you were in the UK you could pass off the sample as normal junk mail. Good luck hope everything goes well!

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    I'll probably grab the sample from Bambino then. The Depends one is free, but since I know Bambino will be discreet and they're overall nicer quality, I might as well do that.

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    Depends has a sampler of their pull ups in almost all stores I've been into recently. A medium and large of their normal pull ups, a medium and large of their "real fit" or whatever they're called and two shields for men. All for $4.99

    Needless to say, It's a nice choice for anyone scared or unable to hide an entire pack of diapers. And if you're impatient for online shipping.

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