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Thread: Diaper normally wet in the morning

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    Default Diaper normally wet in the morning

    About 2 months ago, I recently started bedwetting again. My night diaper is now normally soaked by morning, I am wondering what are some ways I can try to prevent my diaper from being soaked in the morning.

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    ?? what exactly are you asking for? how to stop bedwetting?

    As a life long bedwetter and having IC... I must ask: have you been to an urologist? do you know WHY you wet the bed (physical, psychological, combination...)?
    What have you tried so far (aside from diapers): meds? kegel exercises? therapist (in case it's psychological)? changing your diet? sleep patterns? alarms?

    Diapers are just a "remedy" in my opinion - I much prefer to soak my diapers than to soak my Bed and clothes... wet beds - yuck... nasty.
    Also my girl wouldn't be really happy if I'd soaked the bed.. .so diapers are a working "remedy" for the bedwetting, but they of course don't make it go away.
    Unfortunately in my case I'm at least with the current state of medicine out of much options.
    But generally speaking from roughly 30 years worth of urologist-going-experience I know that there is actually A LOT that can be done to either get rid or at least improve IC issues.
    So if you haven't gone through some thorough testing and some trial of different options than I'd highly suggest this for starters.

    Then there's bedwetting alarms... Now personally I have a VERY BAD experience with them during my early youth... it was one of the last things my parents tried in terms of devices and stuff before I was again back to diapers for good for the night.
    And yes, they would wake me up whenever I would wet the bed - which was several times a night - and always too late or "mid-wetting" and I couldn't stop at any rate. I'd be wide awake, needing to take care of my soaked PJs, bed sheets, etc... and go back to sleep - several times a night... after a short while I was zombified - sleep deprived and completely wrecked (emotionally)...
    But none the less, in many cases they are a proven solution to bedwetting... and worth a try.

    Then DRINKS... don't stop drinking... that's bad (even limiting normal fluid intake is a bad idea and doesn't really help) but stay away from diuretics such a caffeine, alcohol, sodas (coke...)... also drink frequently but in small amounts (like 2 dl every hour) instead of half a gallon during dinner... your body can NOT make use of large amounts of liquid in a short time... the excess - it will just be expelled.

    Have you taken a sleep study / been tested for sleep apnea?
    This is one aspect that actually can cause bedwetting.... and can be potentially lethal.
    If you're obese / over weight you'd be in a high risk class for sleep apnea - but it's certainly not exclusive to being over-weight etc..

    Sleep "hygiene" - well how do you sleep? feel refreshed in the morning? groggy?
    Do you wake up often? sleeping patterns ok?

    There's more...

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