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    Default Hello from aussieland

    Hey there..I don't post very often as I enjoy reading the stories and other various topics on the forum..thought I'd give you a little run down of myself yet again..

    I'm 30 yeas old, a bedwetter, not an abdl but don't mind reading about the stories on it..I don't mind messing every now and then..usually it only happens when I'm sick and have the runs or something..I'm a worship leader at my local church and I love road riding (bicycle) a fair bit..

    And that's about it.. Love the community you have here and all the other bedwetters in this forum..I've been for two operations to fix my bedwetting but to no avail :-( .. I do enjoy wearing diapers but it would be nice to only wear them when I wanted too and not every night :-( ... Anyway love this place and I may post a little more now that I have tapatalk2 app on my makes it a lot easier to post articles and topics..anyway it's 12.48 over here in nsw, Australia and I'm going to bed so I can wake up to go to work tomorrow :-) sayanara

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    Hi from another Aussie :3

    Sorry to hear about your problem and yeah, being able to choose when to wear is nice, the things we take for granted I guess :O

    Also to hear you're from NSW... QLD here :P just kidding, wouldn't mind relocationg to your part of the world someday myself :3

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    Hey, I'm new myself and from Australia as well Good to see other DL's from here.

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    Hello and welcome!

    I'm a fan of cycling long distances myself. As for your bed wetting problem hopefully something will come along soon. See you around the forum.

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