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    I'm always that guy who is ALWAYS there for a girl, I do anything and everything in my power to assist in what ever is needed. "Seriously. I am a bit tired of always being overlooked despite being a nice or good guy. It gets old being the one person who is there for someone however they can be to show support to help them to make THEM feel better only to be ignored as far as relationships go. Seriously, I'm about fed up with it. I'm fed up giving an open ear, showing sympathy and being the one guy who puts all the sexual bullshit aside and tries to be your friend only to have you girls run off with some random fuckin dude and ignore me. Makes me feel pretty damn worthless and honestly makes me feel like i'm being used."

    Story time guys & Gals

    Alright, So..
    Age 6 months, I lost my father from a stage accident on set at CBS Studios.
    Age 8 or 10 i cant remember.. My moms health was rapidly declining, first it started out as crohn's disease.
    So since at around that age, I have been her caregiver, taking care of her for as long as I can remember.. it doesnt stop there
    Ill just list it all.. these are all the issues my mother had before she passed away back in April of '13
    crohn's disease
    skin cancer,
    brain tumor,
    bone on bone knees ( zero cartilage)
    Major back problems...
    the list goes on..

    I have leaned from my mom FIRST HAND that positivity changes everything...
    It never mattered how much pain or how much my mom was suffering, she ALWAYS remained positive with a bright beautiful smile on her face.
    It could be the worst day of her life, she would never admit that she was in dire pain, all she wanted was to make sure I was FED, Taken care of, got my homework done ect...
    She never had a selfish thought in her life.. ever...
    In a nut shell, she was a wonderful woman, never complained and mastered the appearance of "Happy".
    I grew up, taking care of her... I've learned that a little positive thinking can go a long way.
    She always told me "What you put out into the universe is what you get back, you put negative, you get negative. You put positive, you'll get positive back"
    That is something I live by day by day.
    Yet, we all fall and get down and say " oh poor me" Stuff like that...
    I guess what I am trying to say is... its hard to always be that person that everyone comes to crying... My heart is crying and broken, smashed and destroyed... I'm still probably one of the most positive people youll ever meet.. My heart is no stranger to pain, I've had to mature at a VERY young age, which I guess this whole thing can double as my Diaper story.. who knows...
    But, all I know is to be a caregiver, to be the one EVERYONE comes to.. when I need help?
    is anyone there for me to cry to?
    anyone to take me out for anything?
    Im always left in the dark, yet I keep smiling KNOWING that some day, someone will return the favor and mend my soul..

    admittedly, I started crying writing this, thinking about my mom....

    There you have it, my story in a nutshell.. As you can all see, I'm 21.

    and that is my brain mush.. thank you all for allowing me to share...

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