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Thread: Have you guys ever done abdl related dares?

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    Default Have you guys ever done abdl related dares?

    First thing I want to say is this: "I am not talking about walking in public in only a diaper, doing something to be a public nuisance, or just telling your friends and family to ruin your life"

    Even though I stated that I will probably still get some remark over it. Lol


    About 2/3 months ago 4 other abdls and I were playing Deathrun in garrys mod, and someone had the wise idea to add some more fun to the game.

    Well basically he said that if you were the first one to die you had to go and get your pacifier and use it for the rest of the night. Now surely this seems like no big deal, except we were all in a VOIP application called Teamspeak. *Teamspeak is basically Skype* Needless to say no one could understand each other later on.

    I was just curious if anyone else has ever done stupid stuff like that before relating to abdl things.

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    no, sounds cool tho. since i stoped using skype due to security reasons and only use ts i havn't been able to talk to any ab/dl's over voice.

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    . My (former) friends used to love truth or dare. I've never had it as easy as a pacifier though.

    I've had to put on a diaper (I did it myself in private, it wasn't a sex thing) and then later that same night I had to wet it. They tried to make me mess after but I refused. I had pants on the entire time so I could have faked it but I didn't. I quickly learned to only do truth though...

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    Well, everyone knows about my Little Lifestyle so theres not really any way they could "dare" me to do something ABDL related. But in the past when i use to wet the bed and wear pullups, i was dared to wear one of my younger cousin's girl pull ups and jump in my pool. Boy that was awkward, especially after the pullup got all swelled up and almost fell off right as my mom came outside to see what we were up to >_<

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