Recently, some folks petitioned to have "Little" as an option in the "AB/DL Identity" section of their profiles.

As a result, the following changes have been made:
- The existing "Sissy / LG" option has been renamed to "Sissy".
- A new "Little" category has been added, covering littles of both genders.
- An email has been sent to everyone with "Sissy / LG" selected in their profile, asking them to take a look at their profile, and update it if needed.

These changes mean:
- Little Boys (LBs) can now identify as Littles
- Little Girls (LGs) and Sissies no longer get confused with each other
- Individuals who identify as both Little Boy / Little Girl at different times, or whose little is genderless, do not have to pick a gender.

Everyone who wants to use the new option should can edit their profile to do so.