View Poll Results: What types of furries do we have here?

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  • Canines.

    41 19.25%
  • Cats.

    24 11.27%
  • Big Cats.

    19 8.92%
  • Wolves.

    27 12.68%
  • Foxes.

    33 15.49%
  • Avians.

    1 0.47%
  • Bears.

    9 4.23%
  • Marsupials.

    4 1.88%
  • Scalies.

    7 3.29%
  • Hybrids.

    11 5.16%
  • Others.

    37 17.37%
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Thread: For fun, what types of furries do we have here?

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    Default For fun, what types of furries do we have here?

    Ok, there are alot of furs here, im wondering what sort of mix we have ie felines canines etc.
    I have tried to come up with as many different options as possible, however
    if your fursona does not fall into one of these categories, please mention it in your post. (if it is possible to edit and add extra options to the poll once it is posted i will do this too)
    Also, if you like, you can mention how you came to choose your specific fursona.

    I have always loved dogs, my fursona, a collie came about because of this. ^.^

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    Started as a Border Collie, then moved to a Husky. Ignore the Reindeer icon....

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    Other! I'm a Ram Lamb. I just think lambs are like the epitome of babyishness, plus they're all cute and jumpy. So loves em'!

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    A sergal I am. My furs whole description is in my profile. But I decided on sergal as what I am because it's so unique that I can make it work best for who I am ^^

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    Big surprise, I'm a wolf! Always loved them, even as a pup my imaginary friend was a wolf.

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    I'm a dawg ^.^

    and I recognise some furs in here >.> ... least I think I do :O

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    My furry side started out as a wolf a long time ago back when I had no idea that the fur fandom even existed. Then it transformed into dragon species. But now, as one can see from my avatar, its a koala. This one feels right and I don't see changing it because it fits me just right and I can do this... *(^o^)* Hehe happy koala. face.

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    I'm a big cat, a cougar to be specific. It took me a while to decide what species I liked, but I find that being a cougar just kind of fits.

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    Too bad this isn't a multi option poll. I chose fox (duh) but I also have a skunk character...

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