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Thread: How do you sleep and what do you sleep with?

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    Default How do you sleep and what do you sleep with?

    I based it off of this thread. I thought it looked cool, but it died before I could post in it.

    Anyway, how do you sleep and what do you sleep with? :O

    I sleep with my room icy cold. It's the only way I can sleep. I usually sleep in just underpants and a t-shirt too. I sleep with my Axel plushie, Kaito plush and soft scarf named Scarfy (It's genderless because I couldn't decide what gender I wanted it to be. XD). I also have to sleep with the TV on Boomerang because it's commercial free, and I love cartoons before bed. <3 Sometimes I like to sleep in my Loki hoodie if I'm cold enough. I often feel naked without it. XD

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    ^ What I sleep with.

    I don't really sleep in any other special way. My parents are pretty strict about baby stuff, and my mom is always pestering me. >_>
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    Wrapped up in footy pjs and a blankie sucking my paci.

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    Since I started suffering from tinitus some years ago, I always have to sleep with some kind of low-level noise throughout the night, as this is when the ringing and humming in my ears is most acute. I have a special electronic device which produces a choice of sounds, such as ocean waves, howling winds, running stream, etc, but my favourite is rainfall - it enhances the cosiness of being safe and warm and protected from the outside elements! I am also addicted to audio books (on CD) which I have playing simultaneously; I usually get a good night's sleep that way.

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    Nappy check, PJs check, girl friend check, OK good to go.

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    Footie PJs, yup
    blankie, yup
    Audiobook playing, yup
    NOT having the next door neighbors porch lite shining directly into my eyes, yup
    thermostat set to 58 degrees, yup
    good to go

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    I always sleep with my two stuffed giraffes name spots and tippy, my blankie that was made for me and my other baby blankets and my paci clipped to my shirt, sometimes with a diaper.

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    I sleep with my diaper and plastic pants, also need some noise to be able to sleep like a fan or the radio and door locked. I would like to try a pacifier someday.

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    I sleep with my room at about ~60 degrees because I can't sleep unless my face is cold. The rest of me freezes at that temperature, though, so I have a heated throw blanket that I put under my regular blankie to warm me up as I go to sleep.

    I usually sleep in shorts and a night shirt during the week and on the weekends I switch to a pull up and a night shirt. I tend to sleep with either a bottle or a pacifier, both of which are standard baby sizes (the benefits of having a small mouth, I guess). I don't tend to sleep with a stuffed animal, but I have a cat who curls up in my arms like a human baby sometimes, so that takes care of any stuffed animal needs I'd have, anyway.

    And I mentioned this in the other thread, but for the sake of being thorough, I also sleep with a nightlight on and sometimes also a sleep machine that makes sounds to help me relax.

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    I usually sleep in footie jammies in the winter, diaper and plastic pants, and/or onsie in the summer, or just a night shirt and shorts or diaper. I sleep with three plushies, my big bear Maf-Maf, Fluppy, a plush dog, and Moose. I usually drink from a sippy cup and sometimes a baby bottle, like tonight. My wife has trouble sleeping as she is hooked up to a dialysis machine. The screen puts out quite a lot of light. She often has soft Newage music playing from the TV until she's ready to sleep. It's all strange, but it works.

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    Lets see. I sleep in a disposable 24/7, so of course I always sleeping in a diaper. Depending on my mood and temp, it's either just a diaper, shirt and diaper, oneise or blanket sleeper. The blanket sleeper is thick so it has to be pretty cold for me to be able to wear it. The onesie I can wear if it's mid 60's or so. But 65-75 is typically a diaper and t-shirt. And anything over 80's is just a diaper. Baby has to stay cool.

    In my crib, have to sleep with my stuffed dog Puppy and his dad who is a bigger version of him named Cuddles. I have my hand made baby blanket my Mommy and her friend made me. I either have my bottle or paci. Just basically "sleep like a baby" in the literal sense. And of course, have to have my night light and stuff. Cus dis baby is afraid of da dark.

    -Baby Stanley

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