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    Quote Originally Posted by loveyoutoo View Post
    Welcome to the ADISC community! Can you please tell us about some of your non-AB/DL hobbies and interests?

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    I think that it means, there will be free pizza for everyone!
    *does a little happy dance waiting for the promised pizza*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    he seems shy and not talkative. Oh well
    Or he could just have posted his introduction and signed off, having gotten busy for the rest of the day. Or he could just be nervous about reading the responses. I know I was when I first joined.

    Quote Originally Posted by loveyoutoo View Post
    Hey loveyoutoo and welcome to ADISC. This place is full of supportive and amazing people really ready to get to know you and welcome you to the site. In fact I believe this site is rather the 'upgrade' to a lot of other sites.. maybe that's why you titled your message like that. ^_^

    We would love to get to know you! You should tell us more about yourself. What made you ultimately decide to join ADISC? What part of the AB/DL culture are you involved with? What sorts of things do you like to do on your free time? I know I like to play video games, eat delicious food, goof around.. the normal stuff. I think lots of people here are surprisingly normal and friendly, and we wont' bite so you should really feel feel to make your introduction the best it can be and make an amazing first impression!

    Even if you aren't interested in that though, I hope you have a great time.

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