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Thread: Addictions.

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    Default Addictions.

    Nappies are my obvious addiction as for most ABDLs, but with that said here is my other top two AB addictions, first one would be, having my hair washed by my gf, I love sitting in the bath as my gf talks to me whilst washing my hair, the sens of innocence love and care can often lead to age play.

    Second addiction would be Baby wipes, I have tried pretty much most of them, I love the smell and the texture of the wipes, but it's the smell that gets me every time, I got some the other day that will blow your mind, (Baby Dream Wipes) give them a try if you love the smell of baby wipes, you won't be disappointed. So ya, bath time loving baby wipe snorting Nut. How about you and your addictions ?
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    plastic pants is the thing for me. not just the practical dry cloths,bed and furnature. but that feeling of pulling them on and even better pulling them off. allso the smell and feel in the hand. It would not be AB with out them be it over cloth or disposable nappies.

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    I just bought a pair of plastic pants and they are crap with Molicare Super Plus. They need longer trunks and a higher top.

    And since I have chosen to embrace my AB side a litte more this year, I may have two more to add to the list.

    1)The bottle.

    I gotta tell ya, I didn't know what to think of it at first, but I'm loving it so far.

    2)Baby powder.

    Helps with absorption and smell, and I like the smell of it.

    And of course, it all adds to the immersion. :3

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    I go through phases on things I really want. But I do have an addiction to toddler designs on clothing and bedding, ESPECIALLY when it involves cars, trains, planes or trucks. Baby things, not so much. But you give me a bunch of printed briefs and I'm in heaven. So, I guess if we're keeping the addictions towards physical items, I'd say I'm addicted to printed briefs. There's so many more designs than diapers and you can wear one pair for years! (though not at one time hopefully lol)

    Diapers are more of a turn on for me, so printed briefs are what really puts me in a little head space. I feel so adorable when I wear them.

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    I don't think I could go a day without my binky.

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    I love baby lotion. I love rubbing it into my skin, the smell is amazing. I also love baby powder too.

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    My addiction has gotta be my pacis. I'm afraid I use them too much and I'll mess my teeth up, but meh...

    Oh and plushies. I have about 50 or so... ;v;

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasticMrFox View Post
    I just bought a pair of plastic pants and they are crap with Molicare Super Plus. They need longer trunks and a higher top.
    I discovered the same thing, and then discovered Leakmaster high tops. They're the only plastic pants that work with my pre-fold cloth diapers. If you don't completely cover a wet cloth diaper, you will wake up in a wet bed.

    As for me, yes.....plastic pants have always been a big turn-on, my secret addition. I also love my baby bottle as well as the babyish looking Donald Duck onsie my wife bought me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by footieboy
    Hazard to guess? ;P
    ROFL I almost lauged out loud and its 2:30am with parents asleep.

    as for op: currently training pants, and diapers bc its all i can get a-hold of atm. tho i plan on maybe getting a paci some time. for non ab tho i'd say moded minecraft.

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