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    Hey all,

    I'm (obviously) a new member here. I'm a pretty quiet at first with people I don't know, but after a while I'm pretty social and friendly. I work full time however I'll be going back to study this year.

    I found out last year that I enjoy the feeling of wearing a diaper, as well as using one (wetting, not messing). I'm not into age play myself, so I guess I'm firmly in the Diaper Lover catagory.

    I'm very fond of technology, games (such as Minecraft, State of Decay, Civ, KSP), sci-fi/fantasy series and electronic music. I'm a big reader of classic sci-fi authors, such as Clarke and Asimov as well as Tolkien, Pratchett and Feist. My favorite TV show would probably be Babylon 5, mainly for just how well developed the characters are.

    I've joined this lovely forum to seek other Diaper Lovers with common interests as well as advice and information on how to go about enjoying this part of my life. I have a girlfriend who's accepting of my interest in this, so I'm also happy to talk to others in a similiar situation.

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    Hi there
    Welcome to the community I too am a DL and started wearing last year and have not looked back. At first I had all the nerves and feeling of embarrassment etc. Reading other posts had helped me embrace fully my DL side and just go for it. I am a lot better person now. I know that the path I am on will have lots of twists and turns and this community is great support. You have the added bonus with your girlfriend being supportive.

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