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    has anyone sleep in a wet diaper?, i have goodnights will that work ok and has anyone double up on the goodnights

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    I've wondered this to. from what i know it would depend on your'e skin tollerence and how much water you drank(as to how much pee and how concentrated it was). but please for those who have tried it or know more please correct me.

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    I have, wished I could do it more often. I have never slept with Goodnites though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevQ View Post
    has anyone sleep in a wet diaper?, i have goodnights will that work ok and has anyone double up on the goodnights
    If you're planning on using Goodnites for nighttime use and actually "use" them I do recommend doubling up if you have no other diaper for a stuffer since the absorbency of the goodnite on people who fit them well enough for actual use will still be 1-2 at best without much or any leaking out.

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    I can answer the "has anyone slept in a wet diaper", I did last night! I put on a M4 around 5:30pm and went to the theature for a 6pm movie I wet it once during the movie and a few small wettings before going to bed around 10pm. Then woke up and wet again before taking it off. So total I wore it for more than 12 hours and used it completely.

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    I drink a lot of fluids when I do so my pee isn't as concentrated. Normally when I feel like it I will put on a diaper after dinner and wear it til morning.

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    I often sleep in a wet diaper for the entire night. Recently, I've been wearing a Goodnite under my cloth diaper, as it absorbs the smell of pee, something my wife definitely doesn't like. Either way, my skin stays in good shape. I do use Johnson's baby lotion "down there".

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    I have often slept with a wet nappy - both terry cloth with PP and disposables. It has always been one which I have wet earlier in the evening. I have never wet in my sleep and I am unable to wet lying down even when awake, so often during the night I have got out of bed to wet the nappy again standing up then go back to bed and to sleep! I have very rarely leaked, but this is because on such occasions I aways use lots of boosters and/or soakers. For this reason I have never had to change during the night!

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