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Thread: Greetings From Snowy Colorado!

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    Hello all – Mikey here. I have always had trouble with applying the phrase “adult baby” to myself as I am really an “adult child”. My child alter ego is a smart but wily five year old boy who is not even close to being potty trained. In that my (imaginary) parents are from Gen X this doesn’t pose a problem as they don’t believe in pushing me (they’re philosophy is “let him wear diapers”). In real life I am a college educated (two degrees, a BS and BFA) twenty something (almost thirty something!) paramedic working for a fire department on the south side of the Denver Metro area. I am currently single and would be interested in finding a mommy or daddy to share my second childhood with. Real life hobbies include photography (thus my BFA) and tinkering with electronics. I have been involved with this community for almost fifteen years (when I got my first computer) and have watched it grow and in many ways become more mature. The good people on this board highlight the better part of the AB/DL community and that is why I decided join this board versus other boards. Peace!

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    Welcome! The people here are for the most part very friendly and easy-going. Just be careful on asking for a mommy or daddy on your first time out, unless you're just looking at RP. Why don't you get to know us for a bit?

    What kind of electronics have you tinkered with?


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    Oops! Didn't mean to imply that I was looking for a mommy or daddy here! Was just being conversational. Peace...

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    No worries, a lot of people are looking for someone accepting. Some of us are lucky enough to have found someone! How's the weather in Colorado?

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    Welcome. You live in my Favorite state, by far. I've been there a handful of times and I do believe everytime I saw something original, and of course massive. I'm trying to make it to dillon for my b-day to hit the slopes. From the sounds of it you would enjoy some of thecreative stories on the finished stories thread. See ya around.

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