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Thread: What's the weather outside where you live?

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    Default What's the weather outside where you live?

    I was wondering since ADISC is full of members from all over the globe; what is the weather outside your door right now? Here in Northeast Ohio where I live- we have eight inches of snow on the ground and it's 18 degrees F. PLUS; we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow night too!

    Just kind of curious...


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    My weather station says it was 52F - 75F today, currently 72F. I am in the southwest deserts of the U.S. south-central Arizona.

    No shoveling of snow here, ever.

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    The weather now in Buenos Aires is about 66F, Partly cloudy

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    Sunny and mid 40's in Vancouver USA. Froze last night and will again tonight, with clouds coming in tomorrow.

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    It was sunny and 62 here in North Texas today. Calling for 68 tomorrow and go into the freezer Monday and Tuesday.

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    Be glad you're not in Ohio- we're going to dip down to a cool temperature of -8 or -10 on Tuesday!


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    We got down to 1 degree here in central Virginia. We had a high of 35 today. I remember one winter, Wildthing, when it got -22 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. That was the coldest I've ever experienced.

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    Decent day in Nashville. Dusting of snow last night but warmed up to the low 40's today. Going over 50 tomorrow and then freezing temps return. Heard the high Tuesday is 15 deg.

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    Default What's the weather outside where you live?

    I just went to a mountaintop lodge in the middle of the woods at a place called the Falls of Cumberland with the family. It snowed almost 4 inches where we were overnight...on top of three inches of snow that had already fallen!

    The Falls are famous for being one of only two places on earth where a regular, naturally occurring moonbow occurs (a rainbow created by the light of a full moon), but getting there on an unplowed road in the middle of a snowstorm was...interesting.

    I ended up having to jump out and push the car on a very vertically inclined stretch of road almost a dozen times until we finally made it to the lodge. Whew...

    On the upside though, the falls were beautiful with all the snow!

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    Current temperature here is -3F (-19C) with a windchill of -17F (-27C). Later this week an arctic front is supposed to move through the area bringing windchills of -50F (-45C)!! My area of Wisconsin has already seen a windchill of -50F, which broke a record that was set back in 1979!

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