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    Ever walk to the girl's apparel section and see all the cute dresses meant for toddler-school age girls? every want them in adult size? or even better? want them converted to Lolita dresses? I know I've seen plenty that would look good Lolitafied. name or post pics of any dresses you want Lolitafied.

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    For the sake of responding to this post lol: Hello Kitty Girls 2-6X Polka Dot Denim Dress: Clothing

    I think this would be cute in an adult size or "lolitafied" with a bit more pink and bit less denim.

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    YES definitely more "NEON PINK" polka dots on a sheer white free flowing material to see what baby is wearing for ruffled frilly diaper covers !
    Emphasis on puffy cap sleeves; peter pan collar and a high empire waist line leading to a wide 'A' frame skirt to show them r & f diaper covers !
    And don't forget the matching coordinated ankle sox with frilly trim and the mary janes !

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    It makes me sad actually. It really makes me wish I had grown up as a girl. Or better yet, been born a girl. Being a guy doesn't irk me but I wish I was able to have grown up with all that cute stuff that little girls get to wear. I always had jeans and a t-shirt. I never really connected with most guys either. All but two of my close friends are girls, and one of the guys is gay and doesn't act like a guy. [end rant]

    In answer to your question...

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