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    So, I just told one of my best friends about this fetish and she told me, do not be ashamed for who you are, if it makes you happy no one can tell you otherwise... That is a true friend!
    Skype anyone?

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    Sounds like you have a great friend for her to be so understanding. I only have I close Friend but unfortunately I don't think they would understand so it never told them. Sorry I would Skype but don't really know anything about it.

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    Hi there
    It is great that you have a friend that is so supportive of who you are. Your friend deserves a lot of respect for the way she has maturely dealt with the issues that we all have. Look after her!
    I have talked generically about our fetish (I hate the phrase) their response meant that I joined this fantastic community and have not looked back since.

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    Telling someone about this will sort out who is truly your friend.

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    Woo hoo! !!! You'll be surprised to find acceptance where you thought there would be none, as well as non-acceptance from where you would assumed it would be. You might also get lucky ;D there are a lot of vanilla people just dying to have their normality pushed past its boundaries, so some people might even ask you if they can try it with you :3 one of my best friends would wear diapers with me and play video games, and she even asked me for some diapers to wear on her own time. She's not ABDL in the slightest, but she will never hesitate to wear diapers with me and be little ~ I love telling new people about my lifestyle because i love to see how right or wrong I am about how they might respond.

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    I just told one of my closest friends three days ago. He is the only person I have told and it was easier because he lives across the US from me. He was super accepting and wanted to know all about it.

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    I told one of my best friends back in December. I figured he should know since we tend to look to eachother for emotional/psychological support. He'll poke fun at me every now and then, but it's a two way street. ;P

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    This list is just refering to people my age (because I do get on well with a lot of adults...who also know about my infantillistic side in varying degrees).My best friend knows and is OK with it, my (basically) Ex possibly knows (Yes I've got an Ex!), but I've not seen her propelly for about three years, I have a friend who is a girl who knows and she is semi-excepting, I told a really good friend at school but we've gone our seperate ways when it comes to meeting each other in 3D as it were (we still talk on Facebook). A male aquaintance of mine (I don't see him much) may be aware of it but I don't really know - it's too long a story (which I'll tell if asked) but I'm basically infantile because of past experiences with him and - finally - a few college aquaintance's said they'd heard rumours I wore nappies, god knows where they (the rumours)started from - yes I wore to school/college sometimes but I was very careful. I floored the rumours at the time (not too fast!) and never heard anymore for the statementing people concerning the issue again. So yes a good handful of people my age know about my rather private side. bringmesunshine

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