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Thread: have you ever wet the bed. for non bedwetters

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    Question have you ever wet the bed. for non bedwetters

    I was reading a study done at a collage the other day that ask if the students that were not bed wetters had ever wet the bed even once after age 5.

    The study showed that about 96% admitted to having at least once wet the bed.

    The study also asked if any with out incontinence had ever wet there pants even a little because they could not hold it.

    About 98% admitted to wetting there pants at least once accidentally.

    How many here fit the study. and how many don't.

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    I wet the bed once as a child. I'm not at all surprised by the results of that study. I don't recall ever wetting my pants but I wouldn't find that significant or unusual a time or two either.

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    I think I had a few accidents as a child but other than that last year I wet the bed and iv had a few close calls since then.

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    I wet the bed until age 12, I occasionally still do.

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    I wet the bed a few times when I was a kid. Last time I did that I was eight. I don't remember when I last wet the bed before that. I once almost did it when I was 12 but I stopped it from coming out.

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    I wet the bed as a child but not every night; recently (about 2 years ago) I was greatly stressed and started wetting the bed. I think I might have done it in my diaper a few times more recently but I'm not entirely sure (I WANT to do it).

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    I very rarely wet the bed. I think I might have maybe one or two times. Where I really struggled was during the day. I wouldn't realize I needed to go until it was too late. Most of the time this meant wet pants and very upset parents.

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    I tired to make myself wet more consistently when I was a teen. Sometimes I even did it on purpose. I was trying to get my mom to buy me goodnites or diapers... unsurprisingly, it didn't work, esp. since my parents already sort of knew I was ABDL.

    But there were times when it just happened. Once it was at a hotel where me, my little brother, and my 2 cousins closest to my age were sharing a room. I must have been sixteen, it was a few weeks before 9/11 as I recall. We took turns sleeping on the big beds and the extra cot that had been provided. Our last night there, I wet the cot, totally by accident. Fortunately, it was the last night, so no one was going to discover it, but I remember being a little unnerved by it. I told my mom and she said "It's probably hormones."

    A year or two before that I actually wet AND messed my bed following an incident with a fire in my room that I guess had traumatized me.

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    I've never wet the bed. Around age 5 or 6 I accidentally wet my pants because I didn't want to stop playing. No major pants accidents since then, just minor leaks, most recently while diapered.

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    Accident no. On purpose, yes, although not often because of the laundry involved.

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