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Thread: daddy says im a furry but im not sure

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    Default daddy says im a furry but im not sure

    Hi everyone im an ab and i like mlp porn because i watch the show and connect with the charecters.Ill also look at and perv furry porn.I dont see a diffrence between furry porn and non furry it all gets me hot under the collar.i also think furries look cute.I like to rp as a pony and a puppy but i wouldnt want to have fur or be an animal for real.

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    The basic definition of a furry is someone who enjoys media depicting anthromorphic animals. While MLP is generally not considered ''furry,'' if you enjoy seeing other types of anthromorphic animals too, by definition that would make you a furry.

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    Partyally KimbaStarshine is right.
    Furry fandom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    But in my experience I feel that furry stories are more than often written far better than normal porn stories and can (and will often lead to) lead to becomming a furry. It is how you percieve the stories as.

    Is it the furry characters or is it the story itself that turns you on?
    That alone can give you the answer, BUT no always. You just might like how the stories are written and that would mean "No, you are not a furry".

    To be both blunt and honest
    You might be a furry, or you just like/love how the stories are written.

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