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Thread: Pampers size 6 plus!

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    Default Pampers size 6 plus!

    Just saw on a pack of Pampers size 6 (XL) there is now a 6+ size! that fits 37lbs plus compared to the 33lbs of Pampers 6! YAY!

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    Got some the other day from boots pharmacy, i can't believe how well they fit, I have only one word, awesome.

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    Are they noticeabally bigger, longer, wider? I'm a BIG baby and can just about get a Pampers 6 to strech around me, cant reach the tape panel though so i attach the tabs to the little side flap things, which tear off after a while, also they dont cover my bum that well, feel very tight and leave red marks on my thighs yet i still like to have them once in a while because its just the whole psychological thing of having real Pampers between my legs! Thats how i found out about them because i got a pack of size 6 from Tesco today, wish I had noticed the new size as i would probably have looked elsewhere for the new ones, I dont think the Boots where I live would have them as its a fairly small store, I shall look though as its nearer than my next option which is Asda, they are a big store and most likely will have them. Even if they are justa tiny bit bigger they will surely fit me just that tiny bit better!

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    Yes if you can fit into normal size 6 then you should have no problem, the tabs do stretch to the tape panel ,but give them a stretch before trying this, the Nappy fits a lot better when wet, I wet mine 4/5 times, dam good for a baby Nappy, my gf loves the way they look, I have to agree with you baby Nappies are more fun to wear, let us know how you get on.

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    [QUOTE=Fishamongmen;1148760]What waist size does it fit?[/QUOT

    I'm 29 waist, they fit me without any real problems ,but it's not just waist you need to think about, if you are male than the size of your penis will affect the way the Nappy will fit you, I'm not saying that to sound strange, I'm saying that as a matter of fact, lucky for me I don't have a big penis so I can wear them with comfort, unless you enjoy smuggling plums you have to ask yourself what's the point.

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    Thanks MonkeyDoodle, I think I'll be good, but I do have a little bit larger than normal butt for a guy. So we'll see

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starchild View Post
    Just saw on a pack of Pampers size 6 (XL) there is now a 6+ size! that fits 37lbs plus compared to the 33lbs of Pampers 6! YAY!
    Hi Starchild - where have you been?! I started a thread on this a few months ago!!

    anyway, I still haven't seen an answer from anyone either on this thread or my previous one to the question: Are they bigger than size 6?
    can someone please compare them both measurements and in the wearing?

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