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Thread: Thinking of Trying Cloth Diapers

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    Default Thinking of Trying Cloth Diapers

    I'm a disposable guy, but ever since ABUniverse sent me a couple extras with my last shipment, including a pair of plastic pull-on pants (I LOVE ABU, they treat their regular customers well), I've been wondering about using cloth diapers. I'm thinking it would be cheaper than disposable, but the problem is I live in an apartment building with a laundry downstairs. I could get around that pretty easily, I'm sure, since I don't have a job right now and can do laundry when everyone else is at worl.

    What is involved in cloth diapering other than needing pins and maybe a few more pairs of plastic pants? Is it as elaborate as ABDL stories make it seem or is it simpler (I know that sounds like a ridiculous question but indulge me, please)?

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    I made the switch about two years ago. Disposables produce a lot of garbage. I was also sick of spending money on huge supplies of diapers. Many providers out in the world, I would recommend looking all around it. Get a translator and put key words into google. The Germans, Australians and French make some nice cloth diapers. Washing is a chore, you gotta keep it up. My tactic is throw the dirty ones in the bath tub, soak them & wash when I have accumulated a washing machine load. If you have to wash them in a public setting I found a black trash bag is useful to discreetly deliver your wash to the machine. Wash inside out if it's a pull-up. Drying is best in the sun but that never is going to happen, not for me. The dryer will melt select plastic materials used in diapers. Run the dryer on LOW HEAT and prepare to wait. The other thing that threw me off you might want to know is absorption conditioning. Cloth diapers, brand new, need to be washed multiple times. I'm not sure why but it improved absorbency. So wash them a lot to obtain maximum absorbency. I love AIO diapers and I can't give much info on pins. If you don't already use baby powder, it's kinda necessary. Have fun, I included a few links of a few of my favorite things,

    Cloth Diapers, Adult Cloth Diapers, Baby Cloth Diapers - Babykins & Kins Products

    FuuBuu Washable Briefs Adult Diaper -

    Couche Lavable Adulte et enfant - Handicap Incontinence

    StayDry Incontinence Products Australia

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    Thanks! It's not so much of a switch in my mind but a way of making my supply of disposables stretch and last longer. Thanks for the links and the diapering advice.

    I use baby powder. I love it: the smell, the cloud when you put too much on and then sit down somewhere... I love it.

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    I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants every night and disposables during the day (usually pull-on ones). It helps to have a diaper pail, pins, at least 3 pairs of plastic pants and baby powder. Wash your wet/soiled ones at least once a week, more often if you have a large quantity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartolome View Post
    What is involved in cloth diapering other than needing pins and maybe a few more pairs of plastic pants?
    basically, what you said is all you need.
    Attachment 19851Attachment 19852Attachment 19853

    and as you can see, it's all easily hidden; in a sock or VHS cassette case.
    diapers themselves can be any old (or new) absorbant cloth, so there's no need for forking out on expensive garments whilst you're in the experimenting stage.
    as you find and develop your needs/preferences, you'll probably be looking at what typically passes as baby-diapering gear (liners, creams, garments and so on), so it's probably worthwhile gaining a familiarity with this aspect of mothering (there's a hint).

    Quote Originally Posted by Bartolome View Post
    Is it as elaborate as ABDL stories make it seem or is it simpler (I know that sounds like a ridiculous question but indulge me, please)?
    as hinted above, it's as elaborate as you want or need it to be; the basics are basic.
    of course, cloth and disposable are radically different, despite them attempting the same job, and those unaccustomed to the 'old ways' won't really have an appreciation of how the change to the 'modern ways' has affected mothering and clothing design (as modern children's clothing isn't designed to accommodate bulkier cloth diapers).

    no doubt the others will take care of the laundering tips, but a neat trick i've found (for when plastic-pants have to washed/stored publicly) is to put them inside your pillow case, which you can then pin, button, velcro or whatever, as you please.

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    Babykins has some of the cutest and most comfortable and absorbent cloth diapers I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. They have all styles from Velcro to pull on to prefold and contour, with or without designs. You could also use eBay and buy from dependco, many nice options and I hear the diapers are fantastic quality and not too pricey

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    As far as I know, it can be fairly simple or complex depending on what you buy.
    Regular pre-fold diapers can work very well, as I used those for a while with plastic pants.
    Shaped velcro diapers can be easy to put on as disposables, no pins required. (though you may pay more)

    For someone like me that wears diapers only occasionally, cloth diapers are waaaay cheaper in the long run.
    What keeps me coming back, though, is the freedom to design what I wear. I don't feel fully satisfied with what is out there, fit-wise, so it's great to have a hobby that lets me make what no-one else is willing to sell. Granted, this is on the complex side of things, but nothing beats being able to make something that fits your body the way you want, can be as thick or thin as you need, and is made out of fabrics that you've picked for yourself.

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    Hi ive many one ive got now is from bambinex who make bambino's all in one wrap round type quite good and comfortable others ive got from minki the huggy ones are good for night time and pocket type so can add to them.
    you have many types your side as we are a bit lacking over here in them and can't believe there isn't more making them as many try to get away from disposables inc HA's now as the cost for supplying and getting rid of is huge.
    but once you have used you won't like to go back as more comfortable

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    I am slowly makeing the switch to cloth diapers and bought a aio cloth diaper from and I love it I have yet to use it because I am worryed about having the opportunity to wash it due to I still live at home. Even though it is a bit pricy they are reusable and if it lasts you more than two months then price per day is much much cheaper then disposables. I hope to test this aio out this week and write a review here.

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    Just to put it out there, if your cloth diaper has no PUL or plastic, such as an all cloth pre-fold, you can dry them on the high setting. They will tend to shrink however.

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