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Thread: Some Cheap Alternatives (Bigger baby bottle, Diaper)

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    Default Some Cheap Alternatives (Bigger baby bottle, Diaper)

    Hey everyone,

    So I've read a few posts about people wanting "bigger" baby bottles to drink out of. This is assuming people mean "wider" instead of longer. As in not holding more liquid but simply being wider and long enough to "shrink" the hands.
    I'm a pretty small person so I'm not sure if this would work for everyone, but I purchased a Sesame Street Soft Spout Sipper from a dollar store, and they are significantly larger than most baby bottles in width, and when I hold it, it helps me feel smaller because it's so wide!

    It comes with a sipper spout, but I replaced these with a wide nipple, I replaced the nipple it came with for pampers stages nipple, I'm sure taking that kind of size, you can purchase other similar nipples to fit this "bottle". I've found it to be a great alternative to waiting for an AB bottle lol!

    Here is the "bottle".
    Click image for larger version. 

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    and here is nipple I use to replace the spout: (warning, the pampers stages nipples are sturdier than most baby nipples, if you don't like that feeling, find a softer wide nipple to replace) and you will want to replace it as the sipper spout on this is very short.

    Another thing, is if you're out in public but "really" like drinking from a bottle, you could possibly get away with it with a sport sipper, like the one's nuby sells.

    This is good if you need your "fix" outside haha. But I can't guarantee you wont get any looks!

    Another thing, I found an adult diaper that cost me 1 dollar, but of course that is for 1. I'm a small person so its a bit bulky on me, but what I like about this diaper is that its meant for adults, yet it uses tapes, and the taping part has hearts and happyfaces(if you squint and look through the packaging in the picture, you can see it!). They are not colorful hearts and happy faces, but they are babyish enough with those there. Although it doesn't show on the packaging, they have prints ,So in case you're interested, here is a cheap adult diaper with cute prints on the taping part , here they are:

    Unfortunately I've only found them sold in single packaging. I got the "pink" one , I don't know what the other one looks like (there is another package with an orange stripe)

    If you cannot find these items around you, here are some links to them being sold online. These links direct you to stores, not my stores I'm not affiliated at all or anything, but I found these options online for people who cannot find these products like I could.


    Wide Bottle:

    Sport Sipper:

    Hope this helped someone,


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    I've also found these diapers at many of the 99 Only Store(s), in California. They are about as absorbent as a Depends diaper, but do have the cute designs.

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    Yup ! Basically it's more the baby look rather than those looking for the most absorbent diaper, I should have said that! Thanks for bringing it up


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