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Thread: Curious about the furworld :3

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    Default Curious about the furworld :3

    Hey there!
    I'm exploring the baby fur side of abdl, I'm a gamer and have Xbox one!
    Add me!

    Sir Wo1fie! Though if you have a 360, sadly I cant play wiff you!

    Also, with that being said, I am a new babyfur, so if anyone is willing to help explore this side of me, I welcome it with open paws ( see what I did thurr?) This is not a personal ad, just really wanting to find my inner furr :3

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    I actually found my "inner furr" here as well. Here's a guide to help you out.

    The first thing you have to decide is if you really are a furry. Are you interested in animals with human traits or being mostly animal? Is acting like an animal fun to you? How you decide this either way will determine if you proceed or not.

    The most common furry activity is creating a fursona, a version of yourself or a character you make in an anthropomorphic animal form. You can find an artist to do a drawing of him/her if you so desire. This drawing is referred to as a commission.

    Many also choose to wear collars or animal ears and tails. This is the start of becoming your fursona. The extension of this is to have a fur suit made, but not many furries do this due to prohibitive cost.

    My suggestion is to decide first whether you want to proceed, and if you do choose to do so proceed at a rate that is comfortable to you. If you go too slowly you may get bored, but too quickly you can get overwhelmed. My biggest tip, though, is just to have fun with it!

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    I'm glad you decided to join us! *pats SirWolfie on the head* I would start by going on Furaffinity and look at all the cool babyfur art

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    :3 hehe
    Such a welcoming community!
    Well my ex wore ears and a tail and something about that made me crazy, I walked her down the beach with her tail and ears on, put a collar on her and leach.. that was sooooo much fun..
    So like you said, Im trying to find my inner furr
    Im also not sure If I want to be a pet more then anything nore do i know my fursona, I mean I do act like a kitten quite often, but for some reason, my nick name is wolfie.... so i dunno here...

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    Awww cute...*waves a furry and friendly paw at*

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    im still fairly new to the babyfur community only 4 months in

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    I've been a littlefur/diaperfur for about two years now... Have never thought of turning back, this is waaay too fun! :3 *Wags tail happily*
    It was actually a babyfur WHO introduced me to the fandom, so I kinda jumped iright in the Deep end. Though I was a DL already. Fun fun~ ^^

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