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Thread: XP Medical Absorbency Plus - Level 4

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    Default XP Medical Absorbency Plus - Level 4

    XP Medical just released their newest addition Absorbency Plus - Level 4. Looks promising from the stats they have listed.

    XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies

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    I can see their business strategy here and it is actually a really smart move on their part. these diapers appear to be comparable to Dry 24/7 and this is just a test run to see if they can take over that part of the market that Dry 24/7 is about to lose. Those diapers have a capacity of 86 oz which is only 3 oz less then what the old Dry 24/7 could hold. In order to cut costs (and potential losses if this idea goes south) the diapers probably will not come with leg gathers or leak guards but let's just ask XP medical if we could just have them added in as a option that results in more money being paid for by us rather then make it a standard design feature and they may be amiable to doing that for us. It can do no harm in simply asking. But that price tag is insane even without leak guards and in terms of absorbency maybe they wick so fast they may not need leak guards anyway? Or maybe you can get a booster with it's own built in leak guards as well to get around that issue(provided it is a problem in the first place)?

    I am going to give them a phone call at 11 AM this morning(8 AM PST) and ask them if these come with leak guards or if they have a booster with built in leak guards.

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    I was just about to share this information. You beat me. Haha.

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    Good timing for Gary. I got a pack of level 3's being delivered today. I went ahead an ordered a pack of level 4's. Will give them try and report to Gary what I think of them. From what it looks like they could
    be my morning diaper.

    Costs per diaper at XP Medical's current listed price.

    Dry 24/7 $1.65 per diaper

    Level 4 $1.38 per diaper

    That's case price with free shipping.
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    Just a FYI I went to college to learn how to become a accountant and was only 8 classes away from graduating with a associates degree in accounting when things went south for me(8 years ago). I took some business related classes obviously and I highly respect XP medical's business strategy here. Basically they are getting ready to capitalize on what could be a Dry 24/7 debacle here and that is really smart on their part. There is some risk here for them but the potential reward is worth that risk and that's saying something from even a partially educated rookie like me.

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    Order placed! Will let you guys know what I think when they come!

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    Well they have no leg gathers or leak guards so I suggested to the guy who answered the phone that they might want to make a booster that has built in leak guards of it's own to help sell the new diapers they are making.

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    accepted. Every diaper has leg gathers. They have to because other wise there would be no way to keep the fit around the leg. Leg gathers are the elastic part on the outside of the diaper that goes around the leg. I have never seen a diaper with out that and do not even know if it is possible. Leak guards are not always needed but very welcomed. When I have the money I am going to order some to see how they are.

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    With the most excited expression my face can muster I say friday is payday and I will certainly be buying a prepaid credit card so i can give these new diapers a whirl. I am happy there are people like Gary at xp that actually have a clue about the diapers they sell.

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    Oh, I was planning to wait to buy diapers until Dry 24/7 got their act together. One of you just messed that plan all up.

    Thanks for pointing out the new diaper option. Was getting rather annoyed waiting on Dry 24/7's.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ordered an 8 pack of both mediums and 2 packs of large plus 4s to give them a try.

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