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Thread: Noise/Crinkle

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    If this thread was already done, I apologize for repetition. The similar threads didn't seem to really ask the same exact question.

    When I'm sitting at home, doing my thing, I love the sound of crinkling as the diaper moves and whatnot. I was wondering what was the loudest diaper any of you had worn, because I really love the loud sounds of crinkling when at home.

    As a bonus question, what would you say is the most quiet diaper you've ever worn? What do you wear when you want to be discreet? (I know that this has been asked a bunch)

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    I'd have to say the loudest diaper for me that is currently manufactured would have to be the Attends with waistband. Crinkly goodness. As for the quietest, probably under jams. Those things don't make a peep.

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    Tranquility is noisy. But the loudest I have ever worn is Dry Comforts. Those are very loud diapers. The other two diapers that are quietest that I have worn is Tena Slip Maxi and the Tena Super Briefs. The diapers that I wear now is Bambinos, Dry 24/7 diapers. They are noisy diapers but not as loud as Dry Comforts.

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    I hear the "fun time" and "happy daze" plastic pants from Fetware are incredibly crinkly. They are advertised as being loud. The only reason I have not looked into them is worrying they might be too loud and crinkling, enough to be heard through my bedroom walls/door in the morning before I get dressed might be...awkward. So I would need more opinions on if they are loud enough but not too loud, etc. before I looked into buying them next time I got some money.

    As for diapers...I have no money for diapers.

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    I have not tried them yet, but supposedly PEVA Gerber White plastic pants sold by baby-pants are very loud.

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    For me it's Attends Waistband Style, also Aww So Cute aren't very quiet either.

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    I think the loudest I have ever tried is Dignity ultra shield plus diapers.

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    I absolutely ADORE the crinkle diapers make, and in my years of collecting various diapers i've come up with the following ~~~

    In terms of decent - great quality:

    Loudest: AB Universe diapers, Unique Wellness, Aww So Cute.
    Intermediate: Bambinos, Abena, Tena, Fabines
    Quietest: Molicares

    In terms of Practical - Good quality:

    Loudest: Tranquility ATN
    Intermediate: Total Dry Plus
    Quietest: Superio Briefs

    In terms of Terrible - Fair quality:

    Loudest: Attends, Depends
    Intermediate: Most baby diapers (only put in this category since most baby diapers don't work well for adult sized people)
    Quietest: Assurance or Certainty briefs from Walmart or Walgreen's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBxx View Post
    I have not tried them yet, but supposedly PEVA Gerber White plastic pants sold by baby-pants are very loud.
    Yea, I have these and they are super loud! Even under jeans... I love it when I'm home alone but impossible to hide

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