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Thread: Adult baby/DL role play struggles

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    Hello Everyone,
    This is only my second post on this site but I seek out advice from others. Currently, me and my future wife made it a point to start a journal and share our deepest secrets, thoughts, and basically create a new way to force communication without being judged. I told her about my fetish and love for role play in adult baby and wearing diapers and she openly mentioned she is curious and doesn't know much about it but not opposed to it.

    She has disclosed she struggles with me being an adult baby submissive to her and doing certain acts that aren't normal for a real baby. One example would be a little bondage, or harsh spankings.. She has a hard time accepting doing those things with me or to me and not associating it with a real life child. I don't know how I can explain to her that what we share and do is just for us and doesn't reflect upon any other situation. Any suggestions or advice?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi and welcome I was not shur how to answer your post so I asked my wife/mommy her opinion on it she says "that the best thing you could do is ask her if she would be willing to try it and if she says yes make shur she knows that if she doesn't like it your not forcing her and if there is only some things she doesn't like get her to tell you what her limits are. And you could make compromises the important thing is to go slow" I hope this helps, me and my wife had to make compromises on things to.

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    I don't think my wife likes to see me as an adult baby, because she sees me as the man and husband whom she married. That said, she bought me a pair of shortalls for Christmas, and she bought me another pair of footed jammies, with duckies as the design. I think both of you will have to find your comfort zone, something that will work for both of you. It will probably require you to compromise a fair amount. I do most of my baby play with just myself, but I will be diapered in bed with her tonight. I'm grateful and happy with that much.

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    Thank you both for your information and advice. We have been taking things very slow as I have read that and learned its not good to go quickly into something your not sure on. I'm still a bit shy to opening up fully to her as I know from her journal entry that she does struggle with it.. I fear if I bring it up I will be pushing too much and it will be a total turn off for her. It would be so easy to just be able to sit down and have a conversation about it but I am still hesitant. Why be hesitant when talking with the woman whom I love and she loves me and our past has showed no judgement.. I still have it.. Any suggestions to get past that?

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