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    Hi Everyone,
    We are a couple soon to be married in April coming to this site in search of ideas, advice, and other like minded individuals. I am submissive to her and have had more experience with Diapers and role play in the past. She is new and open to the idea but also hesitant at the same time. Outside of this we both live busy lives while working full time and taking time out for us by going out to dinner, small weekend trips at different destinations, going to the movies, and just spending time together. She loves to shop, she loves a good deal, she is very organized and at times very stubborn ha. Me I am very laid back, I love to do what I can to help anyone that needs it, I naturally like to care for my future bride.

    We thank this site for allowing us to join in and look forward to exploring what it has to offer. We always welcome contact from others, as more friends is better than none!

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    I am also a married man who's lucky enough to have a supportive partner. if you need ideas or advice for anything don't hesitate to drop me a line. welcome aboard, though i'm just as green to this site as you.

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    Welcome weatherthestorm! That was a nice introduction you gave and I wish you well with your pending marriage. I see in your profile you like weather. We have several sub groups here and one of them pertains to the weather: Join in and tell me about the wx in Illinois.

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    She knows all about you being abdl BEFORE tying the knot? Oh thank the good lord for that!!! Right move. Adisc, being a support site, is rife with tales of woe about partners who not only don't understand, but are intolerant. There is a lot of assuming pedophilia is involved, or that infantilism is unmanly and a turnoff, or is unhygenic or any number of other negatives.

    I have had partners who indulged me and tried wearing, but weren't into it. We still had all sorts of ways to have fun in bed, and I kept diapers for solo fun.

    Lots of people have a sexual side that their partners don't share. Proof: married and faithful bisexuals.

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