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    Unhappy Running low

    I recently ran out of my Bambino Bellissimos and I am a bit stir-crazy seeing as I couldn't wear this weekend. I was hoping to hold out until Bambino replenished their stock of medium diapers, but instead opted to order two bags of large teddies (waaaaay too big for me, but they will still be fun to wear) and then I will get a case of Bellissimos at the end of the month.

    Anyways, I am going to prep a 'reserve' so I can avoid a shortage like this again. I was thinking just stowing away a bag of eight with a note to remind myself to place an order as soon as I open it. I was wondering if anyone else does this, and if so are there any pointers you would like to share?


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    This is basically what I do. I keep an unopened bag of something in my closet, tucked away from my normal stash. That way, I know when I'm tapped out of normal stock, I have a small supply while I wait for a fresh order. (That said, it's really important to do this if you're Canadian. Supplier here is hit or miss with Bambino. They might have in every type one week, then be tapped out for 2 months.)

    Synopsis: Keep the "Low Stock" bag to the side. Re-order when running out of your normal stuff. (This way, you need not open it sometimes, but the option is there. It's also a decent way to keep a little variety in your supply.)

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    I know about that bambino supplier being hit or miss.... I ordered back at he beginning of the month and I still don't have my order. Good thing I have some Abenas from agecomfort as to tide me over.

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