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Thread: wanting ne friends to play with on xbox360

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    Default wanting ne friends to play with on xbox360

    hiyas i dont really have anbody online to play with on xbox and as wondering if anybody would lie to add me or play with e or what not on there my gamertag is : blakeobrien. feel free to add me if you want to play or gae or what not thanx.


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    that kinda stuff

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    you have GTA 5. im always looking for crew members. my Gamer tag is the same as my user name but i have one rule. DO NOT MESSAGE ME ABOUT DIAPERS on XBL my account is shared with two Boys ages 6 and 8 who don't need to see that shit so leave the fetises on this site um i also do Forza, and occasionbally ill do Blackops Zombies but only when asked as a rule i despise COD games i see them as the Fast food of gaming they really have no value but they are real popular amoung my friends so i kinda have to adapt. i prefer RPG"s and Co-Ops. i have ALL the Gears Of War Games and i would love to have someone to CO-OP and horde with.

    But seriously i have a Three strike rule if you mention Diapers three times ill defriend, reeport and block. there is One on here that is on strike two already so don't be like him.

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