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Thread: Any tips for disposing of diapers on the road?

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    Default Any tips for disposing of diapers on the road?

    As some of you may know, besides wearing for AB/DL reasons I also wear do to being blind and not wanting to be worried about finding a toilet. Anyway, my band is about to go on the road and I'm looking for ways to get rid of used diapers on the road. Any advice?

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    Find the bathroom anyway and use the garbage can. Coming from another blind person. Completely unnecessary step.

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    Yeah. I guess your right. Never changed in a bathroom before but you gotta start sometime i guess.

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    I guess I should've asked "how do I dispose of a diaper in a hotel?" They usually have very small trash cans in hotel rooms.

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    Your blindness is not an excuse to be unhygienic. Just remember that. Any hotel has their garbage is cleaned at least once a day. Put in a plastic bag first. That's just kind. Otherwise you're good.

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    Ok. I just didn't want hotel staff to be upset about it.

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    Put it in a Ziploc bag first. Or tie it in a tiny trashbag. Guarantee you hotel people have seen much much much worse than that. What do you think parents do with young children?

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    Most hotels have their trash cans lined with small plastic bags anyway, so it usually is not an issue for cleaning staff. I don't know how many times I have been in a hotel and left diapers in the trash can and hotel staff could care less. Honestly, they are probably happier that you are wearing protection instead of them having to worry about having a mattress soaked or other surfaces potentially damaged.

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    I spent one summer disposing of 1 diaper a day outside of my home trash just to see if it could be done in response to a teen's post here. Still being somewhat environmentally responsible, (no woods or roadside dumping), I found groceries stores, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, and gas stations all have convenient outside trash bins handy for ditching a soiled diaper. Here there are trash cans in the town center as well as the parks and beach too that come in handy.

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    The staff that cleans the room will most likely not look through the trash as it is mostly women.

    When I disposed of diapers in hotel rooms, I put it in a shopping bag and tied it up.

    I'm sure that you also aren't the only person to use diapers in hotel rooms.

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