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    I suffer from horrible anxiety. I have an occasional panick attack which sucks! If you have never suffered from anxiety. All I can tell you is it's horrible. A horrible feeling of impending doom. A sick feeling in your stomach like u just got the worst possible news ever. I have dealt with this most of my life. The only thing that gives me any releif at all is being diapered. If I feel one if these attacks coming on I can put on a diaper and it helps relieve the anxiety. I have taken meds for this and they don't work. When I'm having a full blown attack which only happens a few times a year. My wife will put a diaper on me put me to bed and she will hold me very tight. When she does this she will tickle my back, run her fingers through my hair, and pat my diapered bottom. Within just 15-20 min the panick attack begins to subside. My wife is awesome and always comforts me during these times. I am just curious does anyone else suffer from severe anxiety? Do diapers and being cuddled and babied help with your anxiety? I feel for all of you that must suffer from anxiety, and I hope you all find a positive way to deal with it like my wife and I have!

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    Yes I suffer from the same thing, and being little really helps me with coping. Also, kudos for your wife doing that for you, she sounds amazing =)

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    Diapers were actually a big source OF my anxiety, because I didn't like being diapered and playing alone, it made me feel lonely and hopeless. Diapering myself was also a big cause of anxiety because i felt unloved and unwanted :P Devils advocate here lol

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    Yes. I suffer from the same thing as well. Diapers/being AB helps me alot more than meds, drugs ect. I wish I had someone as awesome as your wife to rock me and pat my diapered butt and tell me it's all right.

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    I do have anxiety, but no longer panic attacks. I find that being diapered and in warm soft clothes helps a great deal. My wife too does help me out. I cuddle up with her, and she rubs my back. I have often had diaper weekends when I know we really aren't going to leave the house (like now on snowy days). If it has been a particularly hard week, I take time to pad up. This extended time helps to reduce the chance of overwhelming anxiety... for me.

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    I have suffered anxiety since as far back as I can remember. It's partially an intrinsic aspect of my personality, but largely it makes my life a constant battle and causes me difficulty in getting close to people. Wanting to be diapered and babied is an ideal that I feel like I will never truly get in anyway that I can feel comfortable. If I were to be able to trust, to let go, to be able to have someone in that role, yes, I think it would make it all better. At current, I feel rather lonely, unwanted, and unloved. I haven't been able to act babyish in a long time, and part of it is over the shame and guilt I feel, and that causes me anxiety.

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    I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I find my anxiety makes my IC worse and the diaper removes the worry of that. My little side loves to cuddle with my wife and when I am stressed out she always offers all the love I need.

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    Same here OP. I got hit with panic attacks/anxiety/agoraphobia back in 2004. It's sucked since then considering it's derailed a lot of things in my life. Medicine helps, diapers help(as far as coping strategies go). I liked diapers before I was diagnosed, but in addition to all the little tips and tricks the psycolgist has given me...they help reinforce the fact that every thing is going to be alright--- especially when I am by myself and don't have my family to lean on. Now that it has morphed into some sort of PTSD, it's harder to get a hold of....but the truth is, a panic/anxiety attack still lasts for a finite amount of time.

    Remember, if you take meds that your doctor gave you, sometimes they need to be adjusted. I took a while for me to get the correct dosage.

    Don't fear your anxiety. Make it fear you.

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    I used to suffer from panic attacks, maybe 20 years ago. It was work related. As a church music director, part of my choir and congregation wanted traditional music, and another smaller part wanted contemporary. I tried to do both, but instead of appeasing both sides, they all became selfish and only wanted what they wanted. They became ugly and at times, hateful; God's children in action.

    Sometimes at night, I would start breathing heavily, and would hyperventilate. One night it was so bad, I thought I was having a heart attack and my wife called for an ambulance. Oddly, it went away as mysteriously as it had appeared.

    I wasn't "out" to my wife at the time, so diapers didn't help. I did often wear on Fridays, my day off, while my wife worked and the kids were at school. That said, my wife has always been very loving and supportive, and she helped me get through that hard time in my life.

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    One theory out there is that sudden unexplained fear is a sign of entering a regression. Since most of us don't have the opportunity to allow the regression to play out, we just hang in the fear stage. The experience of Dprdshamwow could be related to this theory, as being babied relaxed the anxiety. Just a thought.

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