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Thread: What is the cutest pull up type diaper you can buy?

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    Default What is the cutest pull up type diaper you can buy?

    Hey guys, does anyone have any suggestions on some cute pull up type diapers (that would fit a size 29 waist) that you can buy in US stores? Thanks!
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    Well, if you are looking for cute, there are huggies pull-ups. girls usually have better designs. There are the pampers easy-ups. All these would be able to be worn, but "fit" not really, and don't expect to use them for more than a little liquid or solids.
    I used to fit these when I was around 18 ish, I was round 30" and didn't weigh more then 130.
    There are also goodnites, that would actually fit, and be usable for you, but the boys aren't "cute" at all only the girls are somewhat.
    There might be store brand types but they usually are plain or monocolorish
    Thats really your only choices at actual stores.

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    Thanks for the help! I decided to go with some 4T-5T girls pull ups... I did have to mod them (rip sides off one and add to the one I want to wear) but I love the designs!

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    i was searching forum but can't find any thing, are the easy ups smaller or larger then pull-ups? i don't want hiijack post but i really don't like making my own threads ither.

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    I never found a real difference in size but the side of the easy-ups tends to tear more easily than those of the pull-ups. At least, when I was still able to fit in them.

    And I think the underjams are a good compromise between size/design.

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    The Pampers Underjams (Pampers' version of goodnites) are cute but they don't fit me as well as good nites (and neither can take an actual full wetting from me)

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