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Thread: A Wet Hello From Northern Michgan

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    Default A Wet Hello From Northern Michgan

    I am about to go over the hill and have been Bladder incontinent for years. It started with bed wetting when I was 10 and parents put me back in Diapers until I was not wetting the bed at night and well I went off and on and then I started to wet during the day when I was in 10th grade then had to wear then till I was not wet for a week that never happened till 3 years later and I went dry for a year then went to total bladder incontinent after 4 prostate and bladder infections so been in diapers ever since only for Bladder incontinence .
    I have went from wearing the good old green depends to the crappy white depends that are made in Mexico to attends then now in the Abena Abri Form X-Plus I would use the Dry 24-7 however due to supplier issues they are out of stock manufacture issues This is just a intro of me will continue very shortly .

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    Well, if you are almost OTH at 39, I'd hate to think of what I am, just turning 54. lol

    Anyway, sorry about hearing about the IC issues but happy you welcome you to the community.

    See you around.

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    Welcome! There are lots of us on here from michigan, myself included.

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    Depends, Attends, now Abena, M4's, that's my story too. 'Cept mine is all want and no need.

    Welcome to our club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiganSasquatch View Post
    More Michigan people please!
    You're always asking for more people from Michigan, but you never talk to the ones that are here.

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