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Thread: Hello everyone !

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    Default Hello everyone !

    Hello everyone !

    I've created this profile some times ago but forgot it so I only introduce myself tonight, sorry !

    I'm Bagreen, a french girl in my twenties. I'm a student and currently in an exchange program for a year in Japan.

    I've discover few months ago that my boyfriend was an AB and I'd like to learn more about it in order to better understand it.

    Otherwise, I love everything related to Japanese culture. I also love watching cartoons, series and movies as well as reading novels.

    I don't really know what to add but if you have any question, you can ask me n_n

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    Hi and welcome to the forums. I see you have a Derpy avatar, there are many My Little Pony fans around here, including me.

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    Thanks !

    Yes, my boyfriend told me that there were many AB/DL who loved MLP. I actually met him thanks to this show n_n

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    Hello, it's great to see so many wives and significant others of abdl people coming here, from all over the world. Yes, we are legion. Look what I found posted on Daily Diapers, which is another site about diapers for fun and need... This will link you there Infant Play And Diapers In Japan - Our Lifestyle Discussion - [DD] Boards & Chat

    Seeing as you are interested in Japanese culture... the link shows several Japanese diaper-related websites. You may need to register on DD to access the page.

    Daily Diapers is a site for people with a diaper interest, and a good site IMHO though Adisc is my main site, and obviously my favorite one.

    Another you might like is Actualités à propos du fétichisme et des adeptes des couches - ABKingdom - a French abdl site. Anyway, we are here to help and are pleased to offer whatever kind of assistance we can.

    You know sometimes we get couples on here, where one of them is ab or dl, and the other isn't but wants to be supportive, while learning more about their s.o. (significant other.) Sometimes these are gay couples, sometimes not. There really are girls into diapers too that reminds me of a song (it usually does) thank heaven for little girls by maurice chevalier. I think many of the lyrics will resonate among the adult babies, girls AND boys

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    Thank you !

    I'm not a AB/DL myself but yeah, I try to better understand it.
    I've already been to the french forum you linked to seek advices the first times but I prefer ABDL

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    Bienvenue! (Je suis porté très fortement à dire bonjour à mes amis français )

    As it's English there I'll continue on it. I'm happy to see that some person is open to some uncommon attractions. Since it's a great community over there, I'm pretty sure you're gonna find answer to all your questions, as for myself I prefer to look over here than ABK, even if I'm French. It's also more supportive and serious here, according to me.

    Good luck on your search

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