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    I recommend using Triple Paste brand ointment for diaper rash. This is the best protective and curative solution or answer to diaper rash I've found. When I have a rash starting I can use this to, at least, keep the rash from growing or spreading. It's a good protective. Not only that but it seems to help in healing the rash, too, at least if the rash hasn't gotten too large or "strong."

    The best cure for rash is air and hydrogen peroxide, but when I've got to stay in diapers Triple Paste comes to the rescue.

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    I've never gotten a rash in my life, If you do then you need to change more often!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyM View Post
    I've never gotten a rash in my life, If you do then you need to change more often!
    Well PFD is IC and chances are good actually that he does not have to much say in the matter because it looks like he needs to wear 24/7 out of need actually. And for all we know PFD's skin could just be particularly sensitive on top of that as well. I myself have never had a rash either but I have never worn diapers 24/7 so I have no idea if that is the reason why I have never had a rash.

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    CJ's BUTTer+ is all natural. You can pronounce everything in it. It works well.

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    The rash I get is not from a lack of cleanliness, rather from a lack of air/oxygen to the skin. This rash appears where the skin is away from urine, usually on the side. The best remedy is to go un-diapered, which I can do at home and when I'm not busy. Rashes from chaffing are not a problem; a bit of talc is all that's necessary to make them not happen, as a preventive measure. If you do get a rash I recommend Triple Paste and giving the rash some air. That's the purpose of the hydrogen peroxide, it provides a concentrated solution of oxygen for the rash, and works better than anything else I've tried.

    I get a rash like this three to five times a year, and I clear it up in a couple or few days. No big thing, but thought I'd share what works for me.

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