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    Hi So I havent posted anything in a long time on here, and one of the reasons why is because I feel overwhelmed at the posted already on. It's like there is already so many people talking why should I say anything :/

    I guess it's just me being shy :P
    Does anyone else ever feel like this sometimes on this site?


    PS: finally got around to buying a proper sized pacifier, I'm so excited!!

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    I feel ya, I'm a bit of a lurker myself for this reason. I often have difficulties putting my thoughts into words, so I tend to just avoid posting altogether. Really frustrating when you have a lot on your mind...

    I find a good way to alleviate the anxiety is by participating in the off-topic forums once in a while.

    Also, congrats on your paci! I just ordered my first nuk5 last week, super stoked!

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    Take 2.... I just lost my last post damn wifi. Anyway I was just gonna say it's ok to just make simple posts every now and then, even if youre saying what has already been said it just strenghthens what others have posted. And no one will care about how well you write they will value your contribution just the same.

    Having said that, I don't post very much except for silly things in forum fun, but I guess that's what it's for. At least playing there helps me to feel like I belong here. And then occasionally I will post my opinion about something I feel is important.

    There I got it down again. ... well sort of.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh congrats on the paci purchase. Enjoy.

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    There are times I feel the same way. Sometimes I will type out a reply to a post and I will think I sound stupid and just erase it and move on.

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    Apprehensive about whether to respond or (sorry could not resist)

    Post away.

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    OP, I know the feeling, it can be really intimidating at first. But once I did reach out I found people here were very positive and respectful.

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    Thanks for all the replies, I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way xD

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    I don't post all that often either. I many cases the post is on a subject that I do not have enough (or any) knowledge of. In other cases, by the time I read the thread, my thoughts have already been expressed - usually multiple times - and I just don't like posting a message that says: see above.

    Bottom line: You are not alone and if you do not want to post, don't. If you do, then by all means post your thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mommyslittlewiatt View Post
    There are times I feel the same way. Sometimes I will type out a reply to a post and I will think I sound stupid and just erase it and move on.
    OMG this, i do this way to often. I've learned it's always best to post even if your not sure if you should, worst case scenario you can always delete it lol.

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