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Thread: So a question regarding an issue I had...

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    Default So a question regarding an issue I had...

    Back a few years ago I used to be mildly incontinent, induced by me "holding it". It was a weird habit that I picked up from somewhere. I guess I liked the feeling a lot or something. Anyways, I used to hold it to extremes which would eventually cause me to "leak" quite a bit, requiring me to change my undergarments often. I never resorted to diapers because I was a teenager and had no funding for that (and no way in hell was I going to tell my parents), and it was mild enough that I could change when I got home from school. I've since gotten better, but I occasionally have a little drippage but nothing major.

    Also, it could be very painful but for some reason I learned to enjoy it. Really bad habit.

    Does anyone have an explanation for this? Like, I just want to know just as a bit of a settling of this issue. Is this normal? Do you recover over time like that over something like that? I never brought it up with a doctor due to embarrassment so yeah.

    Thanks for being an accepting community, by the way.

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    While I don't really have an answer I know I also have the habit of sometimes holding my pee, sometimes I find it arousing. Omorashi is the name for arousal from having a full bladder or seeing someone else with a full bladder. Other times I'm just too lazy to go to the bathroom, or feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about using a public restroom.

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    I've heard of that, too. I used to feel pretty bad about that side effect. Not so much anymore, but I'm super sensitive to that idea lol.

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    Just a cautionary word of advice, holding urine for too long can keep bacteria in your bladder to build up and cause an infection. Try not to make it a habit.

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    It can be something "mild" to something bad as kidney problems...

    Holding it until it's painful and you drip is - as you have noted - not entirely healthy.

    It's impossible to give you a diagnosis over the web - and I suggest a visit to an urologist.
    Some harm might be done, some stuff can be treated... but sitting in front of the computer and asking a forum will not make it better...
    go and get an appointment.

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    Yeah I've since stopped (for several years now). I think it was something I kinda wanted to get out, but it's nice to hear what others have to say.

    I'm not overly concerned about it because I have since (mostly) recovered and I'm not looking for a diagnosis, I was just wondering if anyone was that stupid has done anything like that before.

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    I remember as a kid, being told to Hold it, especially on long car trips, I remember holding it till I leaked on more than one occasion.
    Then, at the ripe old age of 20, I held it till i nearly burst. Being in the Army at the time (healthcare was better than what I see now) I then found that I couldn't let go either, ended up with a foley catheter for a week, when they first inserted it, they unloaded over 2L of urine, and I couldn't squeeze my bladder to save my life at the time.

    I had some problems as a young child that I thought had gone away (extremely narrow urethra, took thrice as long to do #1 as #2, push too hard and it sprayed like a windex bottle) with surgery. Now its the opposite problem.

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    If you look up Infantilism on Wikipedia, this is mentioned as a number of AB/DL's do this. There are suggested psychological reasons which go back to being a toddler and potty training. It can be a trigger to regression, just like wearing diapers.

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    It does seem like holding one's urine as an ab/dl could be a subconscious effort to regress and go against one's toilet training. As in ''I don't wanna use the potty so I'll just hold it.'' I know sometimes if I go to the toilet but think something along the lines of ''I wish I was wearing a diaper for this'' I can make my bladder freeze up and I won't pee until I tell myself it's ok to.

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