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Thread: Rainbow dash goodnite/drynite project

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    Default Rainbow dash goodnite/drynite project

    Hello every pony.
    I am going to say what bring me to this forum. The reason is that i really LOVE my little pony and i realy LOVE goodnites, so in facts, merge the to things is for me a thing i will LOVE 2x more and also a big fantasm to wear it. I am speaking about the Moka's model of goodnites. As nothing was said about the procedure to craft it, i desided to create my own model of Rainbow dash drynite template. Finally i'm really happy of the art part, but i finally not so win the craft part. Well, never discourage, i'll do a second version. Hope it will be better that one. I will upload photos of that very soon, and also share the template to print and do it urself too, if you want.

    About the technique, it's homemade thing so all you need is a color printer and a goodnite/drynites pack with cisors and glue. Goodnites have a little upper Transluant layer who cover all the absorbant part, the way is to Raise us this part, insert the template, glue, and shplop, Closing all by pressing. And it's done. unfortunatly, it's not as the great work Moka as done with his ones.

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    Hey! I love those too! Nice to see someone with similar intrests!

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    Wallgreens has MLP:FiM designs on their store brand of training pants (girl variety only).

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    Really happy too ^^

    I would be pleased to create a size model for some brands of dipers/pants. Letting people create their own diaper skins for mlp or other.

    About walgreens I saw some of them, but, as i am french, Walgreen stores are not so present, and cost hard from internet order, with shipping, and in fact, i can wear goodnites, i'm not sure i can still wear training pants. I still can't dropping some photos, because im on tablet version i presume, i will drop it asap, in fact in about 10 hours, when i wake up. Goodnite ^^

    Plans for tomorow after this photos : rainbow goodnite v2, and starting for a twilight sparkle one, but more "sexy" model.
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    Ok, well, that is what i have down. as you can see, the model have a lot of issues, but i have some ideas to upgrade it. the first issues i will show is that the skin not cover all the goodnite, and there is also some parameter i didn't count : the goodnite is not the same on the front and on the back, the form is a little different. so i took mesure and i will create an other model.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Edit : Well the link is on the previous post.
    The light was not so good, so it's very dark. i'm sorry for that, because it's make the photo is not very good.
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    That looks really nice.
    One of my friends is MLP fan too and we had some talks about diapers, so this could change his mind . Wallgreens are also expensive for me, but you could upload step-by-step solution so everyone could make his own .

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    Yep i'll post a step by step post and maybe a video tutorial too, and my art, obviously. I will try to make an other test for a new template, and then share this new and the old templates. I will try to take better photos too.

    Edit : something important i was going to forget : Thanks alot to Moka who had this great idea, and who hightly inspirated my pictures.

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    Ok, i've just finished the new template.

    I'll try it this night. i will add it to the picasa link.

    This time, i'll post the template too and a tutorial, to make your own.

    So, about the tutorial, i decided to make a step by step tutorial with pictures to let u see how to.
    I would like to make a video tutorial, but in facts, i'm french and my oral accent could be very hard for you to understand.
    So maybe, if someone undersand how to do it and want to make a vid tuto, you can !

    Good night everypony ! and may ur dreams be nice !

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yay ! The render is what i searched to do !! Yipeee !!!
    I'll share all i can to allow you doing the same, but this night i'm very happy, i will wet an mlp goodnite !!!!!!!! Ho, crap, i think i already done it inside, errrr... I need a change.
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    An Applejack design would be pretty cool.

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