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Thread: New flat. Need design ideas.

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    Default New flat. Need design ideas.

    Okay, I'm moving in to a new flat soon, It has quite a bland design scheme though so I'm looking for some inspiration. When It's done I'll put a before and after video on youtube.

    What sort of things do you think I should include? (and no, a nursery is out of the question. I want a home office more ;p)

    I'll be setting the living room up with blackout curtains and a projector as well as a nice home theater system.

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    i'm toying with the idea of pasteing fleece throws/blankets onto my bedroom walls, instead of wallpaper.
    pros: insulation, better schemes and lower cost [than wallpaper] and anything you'd want to hang on the wall can be done so with a bit of hook-side velcro.
    cons: not sure about flammability.

    but, please, no shabby-chic.

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    Yeah, sounds like a fire hazard.

    Something I will probably get around to is a nice home office / study setup.

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