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Thread: new disabled ab boy

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    Wink new disabled ab boy

    Not really sure what to put as I'm new, I'm in a wheelchair, I wear 24/7.

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    Hey Markey, nice to meet you. Welcome.

    I'm Dexx and I am pretty new here too. This is a great place to make friends and discuss aspects of our lives that we cannot always do in our real lives. Don't me shy, tell us about yourself and have a look at the threads, there are lots of interesting topics.

    I see from your profile that you like films and computer games. I too love films, I go to the cinema regularly. I love retro games, I am very fond of a certain blue hedgehog! I live in London, so not far from you, it is great to see others from the area are joining up to make friends.

    Thanks for your intro and hope to see you on the forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyMarky38 View Post
    Not really sure what to put as I'm new, I'm in a wheelchair, I wear 24/7.
    Hello! Nice to meet you.

    I myself am an AB who has lived with Autism and Cerebral Palsy all my life. I am 55.

    I too wear diapers 24/7.

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    I have CP as well. I'm an age player. I wear cloth pull-ups at night and sometimes during the day,

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    Hi and welcome. I have CP. I feel like a poser, as I am not confident enough to ask to wear at the moment. So, like movies, huh? Which ones? I like Super NES. What other stuff are you into, and what do you hope for from us? We are a friendly bunch here. I, for 1, will support anyone as best I can, so if you need hope, help, or, just let us know
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    OK now lessee. I am well over 40, and wear for fun, I am dl, or "diaper lover" - for me it's a fetish, a life-long one. I am also a raccoon furry. Physically I am fully abled.

    HERE is a youtube of a guy who has a raccoon fursuit (he is not me) but you can see what a guy in a raccoon fursuit looks like. Color me jealous.

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    I am a 63 yer old disabled peson and wear 24/7! I am a cancer patient and survivor and have been wearin on and off since I was 14 years old! I had an accident at 14 and had spinal trauma, and since have had to use diapers! I am a dl!

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