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Thread: Going 24/7 - by accident!

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    Default Going 24/7 - by accident!

    Wow, that was a surprise! I suddenly realised I hadn't used a toilet for nearly a week. I still have no plans to. Here's why...

    A few months ago I stocked up on nappies as a kind of 'review' of the UK plastic-backed scene. At the moment I'm single again so I just stacked them up in the bedroom, which gave me a rather strong temptation to wear to bed. My work hours are long, stressful and very random so I need all the sleep I can get. Actually going to bed is something of a luxury and I sleep better in a nappy, so it made sense to start making use of the big stash of nappies by padding up every bedtime.

    Then my schedule went crazy, I was on the road day and night, flying back and forth between jobs, it was just manic. I started to wear for convenience during the day, I also wear when working in remote locations or if I'm under pressure that makes it difficult to get to a toilet. So, day by day, every time I had to decide whether to pad up, the answer was yes.

    Suddenly I realised that having not used the toilet at all for many days, lots of amazing things were happening. The future looks very bright so I have decided to officially go padded 24/7 for now. No idea how long it will last, most probably a work scenario will occur where it is better not to be in a nappy, could be days, weeks or months away. There are still a couple of questions to resolve, mostly about going #2, which I'll address presently.

    I need to stock up again, this time I am looking at dozens of cases rather than dozens of packs. It's easier for me to take delivery of a large quantity at one time than regular smaller shipments. I can't wait to see my spare room piled high with cases of nappies! I'll use this as a proving ground for cloth-backed too, which I didn't like when I tried before but need to keep as many options open as possible.

    I'm tempted to start a blog about the trials and tribulations of wearing full-time. But having posted this here, I feel I am now officially toilet-free!

    PS: I've posted on ADISC before under a different username. That has become too widely known elsewhere, so for confidentiality Moo has changed it for me on here. (Thanks Moo!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paxe View Post
    PS: I've posted on ADISC before under a different username. That has become too widely known elsewhere, so for confidentiality Moo has changed it for me on here. (Thanks Moo!)
    completely off topic in relation to the main content of your post:
    Your original username "Sq....." can easily be found simply by clicking on "Threads:" under your username and clicking on your "Ahoy" introduction post...
    Just saying... maybe if it is really an issue (the original name) ask for the specific posts to be removed or altered).

    Now On-Topic:
    Due to my IC I'm basically 24/7... also my DL side is weak, so I might not see "24/7" with the same eyes as you do - none the less:
    No Toilet?! why? Sure thing, if I can't make it to the toilet (only pee) and have an accident due to my IC, well I can't help it,... that is what my pads/nappies are there for in the first place. But I still use the toilet regularly (If the place & situation allows it, I have made it into a habit to visit the loo every two hours or so... .this way my nappies / pads get far less "used" and last longer / are more comfortable (I hate being wet)).

    That aside, what I always fail to understand when people here start talking about 24/7 and limiting their toilet access etc... doing everyhing in the diaper...
    Why? why create these "rules" for yourself, why even put it in a "frame" (label 24/7) - why not just wear when you want, don't when you don't... after all no one (at least I hope) is holding a gun to your head and forces you to be 24/7 padded.
    I'm not saying you shouldn't wear 24/7 but why force labels unto your self - why impose the psychological pressure of doing this etc.. vs. simply an every day / every moment choice...
    And wouldn't you still be wearing 24/7 even if you would occasionally use the toilet?
    And what if you're 23/6...

    Just some food for thought.

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    Some good points there, definitely. You are quite right that we see things from almost opposite viewpoints, my DL side is very strong and technically my need to wear is zero. OK, I think it's a cool ruse to wear for tricky situations, it's probably not a bad thing but the benefits are moot. So the 24/7 concept is 90% for pleasure and as such I can design the rules for maximum fun. Perhaps 'rules' isn't even the right concept, 'protocols' might be better. Nothing is cast in stone, work and other people most definitely come first, i.e. if I have to jump out of nappies for the sake of doing a job right or to avoid negative effects on anyone that is fine. I am not holding a gun to my own head either - the moment I get bored with the idea I will drop it, as without the fun element it's pointless. But the 24/7 concept is just that, it is a game objective in itself. When you shoot up the aliens on a traditional arcade cabinet, every one you hit scores you some points but you've got to get them all before advancing a level.

    What I am enthused about at the moment is that without trying very hard, I managed to live my life without the toilet for what is now a full week. That was rather surprising because I enjoy my toileting, finding new ways to do it, sharing it with an SO etc. Padding 24/7 can only ever be a temporary scheme as I will miss some of my other guilty pleasures, so while it lasts it might as well be tailored to my desires. I don't mind being wet at all, so long as I'm clean and fresh. A nice firm mess is simply one of life's greatest pleasures, the task of a hygienic and efficient clean-up I conside a challenge rather than a nuisance. I also like to be pushed beyond my comfort zone just a little. Usually that is something to share with a GF, in the past we did some pretty scary things so perhaps I have been slightly de-sensitized. In more than one later relationship I've been described as unshockable, intensity is the watchword and 24/7 provides it.

    Hopefully that clarifies what I'm trying to achieve. So far, it's working. I had gotten bogged down with work stuff, now I'm having fun!

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    I wouldn't advise 24/7 . Im not Ic but a DL. Think about the cons: have to change when the nappy is full, even when tired, wear when its really hot, you might be smelly, still have to find change rooms, carry a nappy bag. Sure there are pros but think before do.

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    Hmm, the cons. Have I been avoiding them or are they actually part of the fun? More valid concerns there, hopefully some of them will be non-issues in my particular setup...

    Changing when full: Ooh yeah. Eating my usually rather high-fibre, high calorie diet keeps me quite 'productive' but as far as timing goes, my bottom is usually well behaved despite a random and hectic schedule. I can bank on two or sometimes three dirty nappies a day, one after waking from a long sleep and one after each meal. It varies, for sure, sometimes I will just suddenly need to go, but forewarned is forearmed.

    Wearing when hot: This is a good point if I am travelling to hot places. At the moment I am tied to this country where it is winter, so it is as good a time as any. FWIW I have worn in very hot climates but the worst was Japan due to the humidity. Diaper shopping in Tokyo had the edge taken off by the oppressive moist heat.

    Smell: You won't catch me smelling of stale pee, that is the worst and I will be putting my usual care and attention into ensuring that doesn't happen. When I've messed, yes I'll be smelly. I don't plan on messing around anybody though. One of my favourite highs is to squat and fill my nappy the moment I feel an urge, but that is entirely at my discretion. If I have to hold it, just as I would if I didn't have the nappy on, the urge will return perhaps when the coast is clear. In fact I haven't fully committed to using the nappy for all BMs yet, I am still mulling that over, it will depend on work mainly. Hasn't been an issue this week because of missing a lot of meals, I used the potty once when I was just about to step into the shower, and that was it. I have actually had some success with creating a totally smell-proof airtight nappy, which I trialled some years ago. It's an interesting topic in its own right (to a mess addict) but not practical here.

    Changing rooms: I have Ninja changing skills. I can change amongst you and be as invisible as the moonwalking bear.

    Nappy bag: Fun fun fun... my very own bottom-maintenance kit full of nice smelling wipes, nappies, boosters, liners and stuff. How sweet is that!

    So, in balance, some aspects not as negative as they could be if the conditions were less favourable.

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    If it makes you happy, then do it! =^.^=
    I'm partially IC. I must wear at night. but a while back I started wearing during the day, too. It makes me happy. And I'm in a situation where I can do as I please, so I do. Its been several years now, and I have no regrets.
    But in truth, I do use the potty once every morning between change and shower, because eeeew!

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    I had relatively minor incontinence issues in the past (I have mostly recovered so I don't really label myself as "IC") and I mean, more power to you, but I just don't understand why you would want to have to depend on that. I guess I was just paranoid about smelling like urine, but I mean, it was like I had to constantly change my undergarments all the time and it was just a generally embarrassing way I had to be for a while. Because I was young and was embarrassed, I never brought up the problem with anyone and over time I recovered. I never used any sort of protection for it since it wasn't major and I could get around it by changing frequently. I think it was caused by a habit I picked up with "holding it" in certain ways which caused my muscles to weaken for a while or something.

    I mean, it's your decision and that's totally fine (please don't wear dirty diapers all the time though, that could be disrespectful to others) but me, it would just kind of relapse that dark side of me that I really would rather not revisit.

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    I'm glad you are in good shape now Ptarmigan but I can understand your embarrassment. Here I have the fortunate position that it's not embarrassing, because it's a lifestyle / pleasure thing - if I found nappies embarrassing I probably wouldn't wear them at all. I try to be discreet about it, not letting my nappy show, not being smelly around others etc. out of respect for them, not because I am embarrassed about me. From a personal perspective I couldn't care less who sees a bulge in my jeans or hears me untaping in the restroom.

    Kayley you are lucky to be a regular once-a-day first-thinger. I'm more like three times a day but, unusually, haven't been for the best part of a week. This situation has now resolved itself in my nappy in the most delightful way! Totally worth the wait and the not-very-dainty cleanup (the full liner blocked the toilet and what was left stuck to me blocked the bidet). But... WOW!

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