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Thread: Buying my own diapers for the first time.

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    Could you be more specific ? Are you buying diapers from a store for the first time ? Online ? We need more information to help you better.

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    groceries are groceries

    thats how another DL got me over my fear of that

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    What are you looking for? A simon says game style on buying diapers?
    Do I need to tell you NOT to buy diapers? or threaten you with evil words if you do not buy diapers?

    But honestly... I've heard this rumor - it's very much hush-hush... don't tell anyone I told you:
    Every third friday of the second month, London, putney bridge station... there's supposed to be a guy in a green trench coat dealing the best diapers...
    Be careful the anti-diaper-state-security-service is hunting us diaper buyers down around that time even more than at other times.

    Or? heck, could it be that simple?
    go to a pharmacy, store or even an ONLINE-Store and buy/order adult diapers?
    No... No it can not be that simple... I'm sure that's a ruse that leads to an evil ending... no...

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    Hi there
    If you feel embarrassed pluck up the courage and go to the next town where you don't know anyone. This is how I bought my first pack and I am now so glad I did! I am so happy right now with my new life. However I know that I am on a journey of discovery and it all started with buying my first pack. I can agree that once you psychological treat them as groceries it helps.

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    At 26 you should be able to mail order them, no embarrassment and much better quality diapers than you could get in almost any store. I'd recommend XP Medical and or Northshore Care.

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    Heyyo. Yea. I dont know how i managed to get the nerve together the first time (less than a year ago) i suppose goodnights are a little easier to justify in that hypothetical conversation you have in your head with nosy fellow shoppers or floorstaff. It was a large, busy gorcery store at the other end of town. The real seller was the self checkout :P it helps. Also iv found just gettin in, grabbing your quarry and heading casually to afforementioned self checkout whilst checking your mail or shooting off a text helps to take the mind off the paranoia that people will actually care... Good luck my friend. Happy nappying

    - - - Updated - - -

    I STILL havent got the gumption together to just graba pack of propper adult trussers.

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