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    Default Diaper Enjoyment?

    So I found these directions on website once upon a time. I tried it a couple of times when I lived on my own, but never made it to day two. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this. Or if you would like to try it and post your response.

    Wear diapers during entire exercise, except for changing or bathing.

    Diaper yourself. Then go in the bathroom and look at your toilet. I hope you had the good sense to use it just before you started this. Take a good look at it because as of now, for the next 48 hours, you’re busted! You may not pee in the toilet at all, under ANY circumstances!

    Must drink at least 8 oz of liquid every hour. Double in first hour.

    The following are the rules. Hold means you may not use your diaper or toilet. Relax means you may use your diaper at will. This is very simplified from the original post.

    8 am to 2 pm – hold (6 hours)
    2 pm to 5 pm – relax (3 hours)
    5 pm to 10 pm – hold (5 hours)
    10 pm to 2 am – relax (4 hours)
    2 am to 6 am – hold (4 hours)
    6 am to 11 am – relax (5 hours)
    11 am to 2 pm – hold (3 hours)
    2 pm to 8 pm – relax (6 hours)
    8 pm to 10 pm – hold (2 hours)
    10 pm to morning – relax (~10 hours)

    If it is not clear then please let me know and I will try to make it clearer.

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    Seems a bit goofy. I'm not sure how one is expected to maintain the whole hold/relax thing while sleeping. If you're asleep, then you're going to do one or the other by default, and setting an alarm only works if "hold" happens to be that default. Also, holding your pee for six hours doesn't strike me as either safe or enjoyable, but maybe that's just me.

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    I've seen this somewhere around the internet before. If I remember correctly, it was something made up specifically to help people who were uncomfortable wetting their diapers/away from the toilet and the process was meant to essentially 'train' them to get used to it.

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    the world is full of weird.

    stuff like that, along with those "internet dares" and rulebooks to follow to do this and that...
    I like my freedom, free choice and well, personally I really fail to see the appeal with all that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxiPad89 View Post
    ….what the hell is the point of this?
    I think Homura had it. The point seems to be less directly aimed at enjoyment of diapers and more at creating uncomfortable/urgent situations wherein use of your diaper is non-optional -- with the aim being to diaper-train yourself.

    However, it seems like an unnecessarily heavy-handed approach. Letting go in a diaper is easily and enjoyably learned through simple practice.

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    If one does some research on Infantilism, Wikipedia has some excellent information. Creating urge situations is a part of Infantilism, having links to BD/SM as well as a psychological link to that of a toddler, being told to hold it, or having to hold it until one finally either uses the toilet, or their pants. We are a complicated and weird lot.

    People who write these rules or rituals on the internet have a lot of time on their hands..haha.

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    Call me crazy, but I always imagined diaper enjoyment would involve complete freedom to relieve yourself. Then again, I'm guessing that's the "joy from humiliation" aspect interfering with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClandestineWing View Post
    Call me crazy, but I always imagined diaper enjoyment would involve complete freedom to relieve yourself. Then again, I'm guessing that's the "joy from humiliation" aspect interfering with that.
    I wouldn't call you crazy but it's a very small factor for me at best. I was attracted to diapers before I thought of using them and it wasn't until I was in my mid 20s that I made regular use of them for their intended purpose. I do find it enjoyable now, but it's typically more deliberate than liberating, as I have a high capacity bladder and routinely go eight hours or more before feeling the need to go.

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